Taking up Leadership Role in the Society

Published: 2021-07-07 00:16:31
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Being the firstborn child of Jones, I am indeed a leader. It is not something that I am forcing myself into, but it comes out naturally that I am one. Many times my parents would leave my brother and me for two or three days and upon coming back, everything would be in place. Back at my grandparents’ home, my aunts would task me with their young ones in times of commitments. I led the Peer Counselling Club back in high school. I see myself rising to more top positions of leadership in our society.Vie for Position in the School Peer CounselorsI am a very composed person when dealing with issues. Many times I have assisted my friends and relatives sort out problems. My interest in counseling and guidance has seen me enroll for a short course in counseling. I remember two years back during our general meeting when I vied for the secretary post for the Counselling Club. I had never thought that I could be that convincing to ask people to vote me in as their secretary, which they did overwhelm.Embracing DisciplineLearning from experience is a real challenge. Many times my dad would leave us under the care of a nanny. She was a beautiful woman who had dropped out from being a nun. Her morals were of the highest order. She instilled them in my brother and me, which we emulate up to date. The level of discipline in me is plausible, both self and for the other people.Following my dreamsI have a goal of being an excellent teacher, a dream I am not ready to sacrifice. I love embracing and appreciating varied people despite their differences. I also have a substantial interest in cosmetology, reading, and writing poems and articles. I am determined to influence my learners in taking the best paths in life.Changing Attitude Towards LoveIn my early years, I saw mum and dad love one another unconditionally to the extent that I longed to have a love partner we enjoy the same. However, as I was turning fourteen, I experienced a turn-over of events which made me hate engagements and commitments. I viewed one party in every relationship as a cheat. The notion had been implanted in my mind and heart that if you see one acting romantically, then he or she was covering up some mistakes. Now that I have started dating I am hopeful I will change the notions for a better future in relationships.Embracing CuriosityDad tells me that my curiosity and anxiety attributes are as old as I have existed. When I was hardly two years old, I would ask my parents questions regarding everything that I heard or saw. The questions that I posted would make them be left bewildered. To date, it is to me that I do not leave any stone unturned. I am inquisitive and anxious which have led me to learn a lot about life.

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