Texting and Driving Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 23:09:58
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Before the invention of the cellular devices, there was no danger of the concept of texting while driving. But now due to the advancement in the technology, that risk pop up. Texting during the driving had got much fame as it caused much of the damage and produced many dangerous situations. Texting while driving now become more hazardous even than the driving under the influence of the alcohol, which makes it very disturbing and deadly for many persons that are on the road. My argument about this is that it is riskier than the driving under the influence of the alcohol. Laws should need to be strict in these situations. Moreover, people should be cited for doing this as they are not only putting them on risk but also others how are around them. in our society today, the texting while driving had caused a lot of accidents and even the deaths of the persons. Because of these risks and certain casualties, eight states of the United States of America have banned the use of cell phone while driving.There are many distractions found that can divert a drivers reactions while using the cell phone as much as someone has the concentration of the alcohol at the legal limit of 0.8 percent found by the Nationwide Insurance company record. The primary source of the Driver inattention is the use of cell phone as they are more likely the cause of the crashes and the injuries while driving (NHTSA, Insurance Institute for Highway safety). Texting during the driving is the main reason behind the 25 percent of the police reported crashes. Moreover, the usage of the cell phone during the driving reduces the activity of the brain associated with the driving by almost 37 percent (Horwitt, 185).One should need to be focused on the road even by one eye, and it doesn’t matter where they put their phone, on lap, or on the dashboard. The driver can lose his focus even by a single vibration or a ring, and all the concentrations may get lost from the road. There is a possibility of an accident even when a person is using the cell phone without looking at it while driving. Although reading and then replying to it takes few seconds, but these few seconds can cause even the crucial accidents. Most of the people ignore the fact that they are breaking the law by using the cell phone during driving, and that they are putting themselves and others at risk as well. One should need to realize that none of the text or phone call is more precious than the life of a person that can be get killed by your actions. As the states banned the use of the phone during driving, so many people instead of leaving this, are using the cell phone by hiding it, whose results can be very fatal.Many statistics have shown that in the transportation many deaths are caused when the driving is texting or using a cell phone. In the last five years, there are about 1700 car crashes that were caused because the drivers were using the cell phone as stated by the Texas Department of Transportation. While 700 crashes were only caused by the usage of a cell phone in 2009. A report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown that about 16 percent of the drivers how were under the age of 20 admit that they got distracted by cell phone at the time of crashes.Work CitedHorwitt, Dusty. “Driving while distracted: How should legislators regulate cell phone use behind the wheel.” J. Legis.28 (2002): 185.

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