The Adventure I would like to have in the Future

Published: 2021-07-06 23:17:31
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Nearly 70 percent of the surface is covered with water, and about 97 percent comes from the ocean. The rest is in ice caps, lakes, rivers, vapor, and glaciers. Since the age of ten, my dream encounters have always comported with water-based adventures. I have strived to fulfill almost all of them for instance canoeing in India River, sea diving at Shark and Yolanda Reefs, swimming in Zambezi River and ship cruising in the Caribbean. Despite the marvelous escapades, my quest for fulfillment is yet to get accomplished that is why in the future I would love to hit the water at Alaska’s Columbia Glacier.Kayaking might seem an ordinary experience, but when the spree is at Columbia Glacier, it is out of this world. I imagine myself paddling through the icebergs and watching out the beautiful trees during the kayaking experience at Columbia Glacier. I believe taking photos of breaching Whales and, polar bears and the world most massive and widespread glaciers would make a lifetime album. The carving of new icebergs and would leave my mouth agape, and I never forget my kayaking experience in Alaska’s Columbia Glaciers.The thought of witnessing the rapid changing of the glacier pique’s my interest in visiting the Columbia Glacier. Scientific research has it that several Landsat satellite images have shown continual changes since the discovery of the characteristics in 1980(Voiland, 2014). For all intents and purpose, no one can resist a scenery with a bird’s eye perspective documentation from renowned scientists. I envision myself reaching the west and staring at the ice held mystically between the great Great Kadik Peak and Nunatak Peak (Walter et al.,2010) because I have yearned to personally identify with the facts and finding of Columbia Glacier from the books.Work citedVoiland, Adam. “World of Change: Columbia Glacier, Alaska: Feature Articles.” (2014).Walter, Fabian, et al. “Iceberg calving during transition from grounded to floating ice: Columbia Glacier, Alaska.” Geophysical Research Letters 37.15 (2010).

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