The Benefits of Online Education and Comparison to the Traditional Education

Published: 2021-07-06 23:04:36
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The topic I have chosen to focus on for my final project is the benefits of online education and comparison to the traditional education. To summarize, the topic presented in this article is about the online education and its advantages. The project focuses on the strong comparison between the online education and traditional education. However, the focus is on the benefits of online educations. The premise or premises for the argument is the convenience provided by online education and its relevance to today’s life style.This topic is relevant and being discussed because there is a long debate on the formats of education and it is imperative to understand the options available for education today. The personal connection I have to this topic is that I had been taking it for some time now, I want to graduate college via online education. It is very convenient for me to study from home. This topic is of particular interest to me because I had been fascinated by the idea of online education. It perfectly fits for the people who want to have regular jobs and find it difficult to attend school. This model of education provides a platform to continue their education without disrupting their jobs or personal lives.The argument being made by my chosen article is that online education subdues the limitations to the education. The argument is in the favor to the online education. The favor of online education illustrates the advantages and convenience. Moreover, the article emphasizes on the education and its convenience. There are some people who may not continue the education because of the conventional education system. Online education is becoming popular every second day. The number of online institutions has been increased rapidly. This argument is based on the following key facts, research; Online learning is growing. According to the Babson Survey Research Group 2013 report, built in 2011 at least one online class for more than 6.7 million student registrations, while in 2002 there were only 1.6 million students and higher education institutions continue to develop and improve your online curriculum.In 2002, about 72 percent of these schools offered to format online learning in a stable state, and the number rose to 87 percent in 2012 (Garret, 2012). Universities also highlighted the creation of completely interactive programs and degrees and received the 62 percent of the schools currently in construction studio. Altogether a title for distance learning. Student demand is one of the many factors contributing to the growth of online students. Students are also exploring the flexibility and flexibility that online work can offer. The logic and reasoning used to advance this argument are realistic and noteworthy. Some critics may object that online education eliminates the factor of face to face interaction. If we look around and observe there is no face to face interaction left anymore due to advancements in technology.Considering the premises and conclusion that are advanced in the article, the logic, and reasoning used to advance the argument is the Learning at a distance Opportunities for student convenience, profitability and enrichment are just one of the variables that contribute to the growth of online learning. In these areas, distance education has increased, and lawyers are constantly trying to improve these and other aspects. One problem is the lack of personal contact with teachers and classmates. Students can be disconnected from the rest of the class, but schools are actively looking for ways to alleviate the problem. For example, the introduction of video conferencing technologies and even free group chat can help students interact with teachers and other students. I have the following questions that are not answered by the article: why online education has not been formally promoted in our society? Why do education authorities not consider online education equivalent to traditional education?

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