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Published: 2021-07-07 00:12:33
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The ratification of the Bill of Rights was held in 1791 (Sheehan, 513). The ten amendments were proposed solely to protect some of the fundamental rights of the American citizens. These rights are reserved for the citizens and were for the first time held against the federal government. The ten amendments give protection to the people against the unfair and unjust treatment that was common before the Bill of Rights was passed.Some of the rights of citizens protected by this bill were the freedom of one’s religion and speech. It grants a person to have a trial by jury to the cases about civil cases. It also protects the people from any unwarranted searches of people’s property. The most disputed of the ten amendments is the right of the person to bear guns and firearms. Many debates on this amendment and demand that this right should be revoked.The Bill of Rights provided protection only against the federal government, not against the state. There are certain rights that, if ignored by the state, would be denying the citizens the fundamental right. The freedom of expression and religion is an essential right that should be incorporated into the every state. There can be a discussion as to whether it is in the advantage of the majority of the people to carry a weapon for protection or not. But the right of the person against brutal torture and punishment should be incorporated into the state.Each of the amendments should be discussed separately and incorporated by each state if it reckons that it would be beneficial for the citizens. It is not the choice whether to integrate all the rights or reject all the Bill of Rights. The state can choose from the amendments and include those rights that are necessary and ponder over those amendments which they do not deem necessary for the citizens to have against the protection of the state government.Works CitedSheehan, Colleen A. “The Measure and Elegance of Freedom: James Madison and the Bill of Rights.” Geo. JL & Pub. Pol’y, vol. 15, 2017, p. 513. 

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