The Change of Premise from one Infinite Loop to Apple Park

Published: 2021-07-06 23:17:41
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IntroductionThis essay focuses on the change of premise from one infinite loop to Apple Park. The change has met challenges although the premise will now be restricted to a single space accommodating more employees.*Paragraph one Initial PremiseHistory and foundingOriginal location in Cupertion and campus used mainly for research and development. Changes made and more building established.Apple Campus StructureTermed as U-shaped street infinite Loop owing to the idea in programming about infinite loop.DrawbacksCannot accommodate all employees, therefore distributed throughout the city taking up too much space*Paragraph TwoChange of PremiseChange of premise proposalProposed change to build another campus in Cupertino where it has persistently remained present over historyChange InitiatorThe CEO, late Steve Jobs, leads the initiative regarding change of premise. Announces that purchase of property already madeChallengesCupertino city council delays approving the plans Apple proposes*Paragraph Three Apple ParkDesignSize of the land totals 176 acres and houses around 13,000 employeesChange of Corporate AddressBecomes official corporate address and the U.S. Securities and Exchange acknowledges it as the point of contact in 2018Movement of EmployeesCompany is yet to receive occupancy permits for all employees in time although movement of the workforce has already begun*Paragraph Four1. Change of premise from Kumming to ShanghaiIn China, Apple had several stores including one in Kumming but was forced to change to Shanghai. Extended to Beijing since China is a good market. Shift to JerseyClaims that it was looking for low tax rates to maintain its profitability. Has an effect on the reputation of the company.Launches premise in SingaporeGiant store in Southeast Asia which enhances the customer reach in Asian continentConclusionChange of premise from Apple Campus to Apple Park only helped to accommodate more employees Apple could have pumped the money used for creating the park that seems like a spaceship in another field Apple’s change of premise is affected by the government regulations in particular environments.Works CitedDaf, Richard L and Danny Samson. Fundamentals of Management: Asia Pacific Edition PDF. Melbourne: Cengage Learning Australia, 2014.Koh, Aaron and Terence Chong. “Education in the global city: The manufacturing of education in Singapore.” Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education 34.5 (2014): 625-636. .Mocigemba, Dennis. “Sustainable computing.” Poiesis & Praxis (2006).Nefl, Rehmond and Wendell Kingensmith. “CWRUnet: case history of a campus-wide fiber-to-the-desktop network.” Proceedings Volume 1364, FDDI, Campus-Wide, and Metropolitan Area Networks (1991).Shieber, Jonathan. “After A Bite Of The Apple, Mobile Phone Apps Tempt China’s VCs.” The Private Equity Analyst September 2009.Warf, Barney. “New York: the big apple in the 1990s.” Geoforum 31.4 (2000). 

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