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Company OverviewThe City Care Hospital, Inc. will provide administrative services to the employer’s health insurance services company insured by itself. The company will focus on organizations from 50 to 500 employees. Many of these company’s current plans HMO, PPO or large national insurance agencies. 500 or more for many employers, including the auto-insurance program, that most health workers at least some of the elements are there, our target market is often ignored by major domestic insurance companies. 500 or more employees, more than 80% of enterprises to be self-insured together, Provincial Health Care 50-500 employees 25% of the Atlanta company less auto showed that there are insurance plans, plans to guide.Corporations Sunday insured, and administrative services will be encouraged to switch to self-insurance health plans, those who have other types of self-insurance currently consists of companies and businesses. One of the factors to entrenched administrative transition, high quality, and availability of guidance services. The Health Care Program, Inc. is managed by a management experience and provides a first-class service to maintain the profits for the target markets of the factory Personal Blair, Blue Cross / Blue Shield Pennsylvania affiliate manager with whom he has formed a strategic alliance.Provincial Health Care Plans, Inc. The key to Metro Atlanta’s success and will have the opportunity to bring the startup capital for the successful introduction of services in North Georgia. The adequate professional staff is essential. Provincial care companies then need to expand a successful formula for a healthy market. Sales and funded by domestic cash flow, controlled expansion, will fully allow property tracking of related marketing programs, was controlled. The purpose of this provincial health marketing plan is to publicize, Inc. to increase the use, both for withdrawal of this unique investment opportunity for potential investors.Mission“City Care Health Plans, Inc., small and employers, employers in the middle, to ensure control of health care costs, providing an integrated benefit management program, giving them access to quality medical care staff in terms. Self-insurance Stop-loss program and in combination with effective city plan management Health care, with the largest individual preferences of the least restrictions and providers will allow you both employers and employees of medical workers. Cities Health care, quality of service and will provide a fair price for freedom of choice of balance, ”Marketing ObjectivesQuickly reach the penetration of the measurable market.The cost of acquiring customers for the quarter at the beginning of the year decreased by 1.5%.Creating a brand image in the workspace of the first management services of the health plan provider.Financial ObjectivesKeep spending as a percentage of sales at a certain level.Double-digit growth rates during the first three years.The increase of the deposit by 1.5% per quarter.Target MarketsThe first target market is Atlanta Georgia metro and the North Markets. Blair Mill’s agreement covers. It is featured throughout Atlanta subway and surrounding counties in northern Georgia. City health plan, Blair Mill strategic marketing alliance with the United States is making the only city in his career. Both parties agreed to accept the agreement and the desire After reaching the goals and objectives of the first phase. Essential for the creation of potential customer base data and market share, currently if the SCR, which is considered a non-fuse holder, regardless of the presence or absence of insurance or self-insurance, the number of employers in the region is ordered by some employees. All potential clients are the city’s health plan. Reaching the curve kicker mass education, media, communications, and sales is one of the closings.Postal code target Blair is determined by the agreement signed with Mill’s, City Department of Health Maintenance Plans, identified 1,801 employers found 50,500 employees. They can be diagnosed from 1289 to insurance companies, insured by himself 446-x, 66, as it is known, must be insured. City Health Care is defined, it allows definite and effectively in the field of marketing services and offers the definable market.PositioningCity Health Care, which itself is less flexible than the quality of the opponent and cost advantages for planning a first-class medical service will position as administrative services. Companies with 50-500 employees, health care administrative services of the city Health Care and related consulting services will be happy. The health of the City, to increase competitiveness: Unique customer notifications: For the adoption of the entire organization focused on the business philosophy of customer service provided by the City Health Care to ensure the exact type of plan to meet the needs of clients.Benefit Cost: City Health, establishing important strategic alliances (Blair Mill Managers), we can offer the best quality services at a reasonable cost, using the skills and partners to provide comprehensive benefits management program without compromising your core competencies.Strategy PyramidsWith the sole purpose of City Health Care being faced, positioning itself as the first-class health insurance manager insured for employers and helping to achieve significant market share within five years. Marketing strategy, mainly to raise the awareness of customers of the services offered and City Health will seek to improve its customer base. Messages City Health Care produced by the high-quality administrative services for the health plan cost / is provided. This message will be transmitted in several ways. The first will be an advertising campaign. The campaign will mainly use Atlanta Commercial but will use other media sources. Methods of communication will be a direct mail campaign. Mail, entrepreneurs, agents, and consultants will aim. The last method is to use the City Health Care is a direct contact sale. This contact will be a professional sales manager for City Health Care.Marketing MixMarketing Mix City Health Care in pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion and customer service consists of the following approaches.Prices: Price per worker.Distribution: This is a city health care using independent bodies as well as the direct marketing program will be carried out.Advertising and promotion: Urban Health Care, will use a multi-faceted marketing strategy to ensure brand awareness and improve market penetration.Customer service business model that works with every customer oriented company and provides exceptional customer interest.Marketing ResearchTwo types of market research carried out an urban health market survey. The first type was a focus group study. Focus group consisting of seven to nine people and were written between group members and collected a predetermined number of questions with discussed answers. In addition to the previously formed questions, participants with knowledge and understanding of urban health released at the end of focus groups, providing the flexibility needed to ensure the flow of exchanges had a format for discussion. Also, a questionnaire was used to collect information on potential market customers. A total of 200 questionnaires were sent to potential clients. 87 The response rate was higher than expected. The reliability and usefulness of the survey are available for the development of post-graduate students with the use of statistical data. This study has already confirmed many assumptions made and the citySituation AnalysisCare Health Plan is part of the city in the first year. Interest in the service, City Health Care has been higher than expected from a lot of different companies that are excited about the job. Marketing, generation of customers and will be crucial to the visibility for the city’s Health Care. The basic needs of the market are the health plan’s self-insured services to the management company employees. City Health, medical quality management plan and cost advantages rather than meets the needs of this market with offers of value consulting services to employers.Market SummaryCity Health Care has good information on the markets they want to enter and have collected a wealth of information on the general characteristics of their ideal customers. This information is always investigating the specific needs of clients and how they can be the best service and will be used to determine how to establish a connection.Market NeedsCity Health Care offers a flexible way to offer health plan management services for your clients to meet the specific needs of their clients. City Health Care, you will have the following benefits that are important to clients. Flexibility: Each client has unique needs and will be able to satisfy all City Health Care.Product quality: Health insurance is vital for people and urban health in collaboration with Blair Mill managers can offer a new insurance program.Helpful Hints: The City care defines the individual needs of clients and offers a variety of services that allow adjustments to meet these consulting needs.Market TrendsHealth market past the last decade significant changes. The sector has seen a significant consolidation. The first concentration was carried out as a way for businesses to remain profitable, despite a substantial increase in health costs. Another way to cope with rising costs is the introduction of Managed Care Industry. Controlled maintenance costs, specifically designed to provide the basis for health care, without losing sight.Regardless of how the industry has changed, and despite a significant increase in the spending of Americans without increased health insurance. Many Americans saw the decline in coverage plans. City Health Care flexible service to enable the company to offer a variety of health benefits requested by individual employees.Market GrowthFlexible health insurance plans Sung UN, third-party administrators (TPA) above average market growth. These large national insurance companies, HMO, flexible insurance markets plan for employers looking for ecstasy is explained by the fact of not overlooked greatly. Large companies often offer standard options. For many companies, it’s good, but the number of companies will evaluate options to increase flexibility.SWOT AnalysisThe next SWOT analysis solves the strengths and weaknesses of the company and City Health Care explain the opportunities and threats faced.Strengths• Strong relationships with strategic partners, such as Blair Mills managers.• Customer-oriented organization.• Excellent understanding of industry and experience.Weaknesses• Brand equity deficit, the initiative represents a function of the factors.• High marketing costs to improve brand visibility are required.• Significant costs to create a sufficient customer base.Opportunities• Participation in a growing niche.• Expenses on the possibility of spreading to a wider client base.• The company has developed a strategic relationship with the future becoming more established.Threats• A large national provider has already been created in the future / potential competition.• State regulation.• Significant changes in the structure of the cost of health insurance.CompetitionHealth plans for companies and employees is composed of more than one billion industry dollars is very competitive. Prudential, Cigna, Aetna / United States insurance companies are well-known national and regional companies such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health; the employer is looking for the dollar. Most regional and national HMOs will compete. Many companies are insured by themselves. Some external processing TPA demand using some of the companies that subscribers use or is trying to self-government. Some claims processors also refer to benefits management services.City health care plans and too small to be widely covered by both large national companies believe that a sufficient level of quality of service not offered by another niche trailer. Most TPE, small and medium-sized services are developing in the direction of the hybrid, as required by the company. This quality of service is now offered at an affordable price, will provide the desired City Health Care estimates that the current market share in a competitive sales advantage.Insurance companies only offer financial protection. Such protection is expensive. Participation in the increase and decrease in their ability to reduce the burden of employers’ costs covered by health insurance. Insurance coverage, tax deductible amount, medical services are included and how often workers must cover the costs of increasing the percentage of their plan as a deduction from wages. Both are an unattractive option for employers and individual customers. Spending on spiral health is the culprit.SCR last 20 years has gained significant and meaningful market share. Our proportion of the total volume of insured insurance employees now exceeds the significant margin in national insurance companies. However, these plans have been resolved in the first-place cost constraints. Freedom of choice is insufficient – there is always the idea of ​ the poor quality of medical care. Liability issues, compromised or abandoned due to maintenance-based cost parameters begin to appear. Many service charges are not adequately covered by these plans, and the presentation of the primary physician, who was not satisfied with the compensation too.Many doctors, freedom of decision, who complain that costs impose a time limit and reduce continuously. The end user, the individual patient, is not equally pleasant. Market niche TPA quality, ripe for the harvest. However, it must be of a high-quality service. Smaller TPE is committed to providing a high level of duty, but will not be able to compete delivered, as promised the establishment of necessary internal resources. City Health plans an alliance with Blair Mill Administrators already has the necessary resources.Service OfferingThe health of the United States, which has rapidly changed over the past twenty years, providing health maintenance as well as bills and payment today. Big insurance companies and HMOs to give direction to their private doctors and managed care plans, and TPI flourished. For a company to be covered by the insurance company to control all functions through the health service TP (like Blair Mill) there. HMO usually contracts for services, based on the price and then sell those groups of services. Often the service and selection are not satisfactory. However, most importantly, the dominant profitable problem. Employers are trying to provide affordable health care for their employees. One response, which is done through TPA, saw an increase in the auto-insurance program.In short, the road is now a business intelligence service, and support provides customers with traditional institutions, which require much more. A query processor in question. Only the processing of claims and the costs associated with planning and controlling the analysis plan and using it for company health is doing nothing to help control it. And traditional medical services, “quality” is not a measure.City Health Care, its proprietary systems, and third-party providers through the Alliance, Network Management, Network Services Agreement, prepared a combination of services that include the development of quality assurance policies and services and marketing. Health benefits are a fact of life for any business. Small and medium-sized enterprises such as the internal staff to manage the health service, technical knowledge and sufficient about the cost of supervision and control system, except they do not have the hardware. As in other business units.Therefore, many self-insured TKA services will include the following:• Test request predictions and analysis costs.• Consultants’ plan.Comprehensive Analysis of the Plan• Analysis of the network provider.• Planning documents.• Mediation and stop loss management.• Prescription Drug Program.• The advantage of the directorate visions.• The use of dental care.• Administration of COBRA.• Short-term disability management.• Compensation of the Service Worker.• Special Services.Keys to SuccessThe key to success in this business:1. Marketing. City Health plans directly and will be able to sell to both employers through independent insurance brokers and agents. Among the best-known programs is necessary to ensure the recognition of the name. Media Management for the fiscal year and must have the ratio% closing at least 5.2. The quality of the products. Blair Milla small services already offered by the latest management technologies among employers. City Health Care Plans, Inc. management team and the experience of the network value-added service provider, ensure customer satisfaction. Customer customers to minimize control of customer erosion and competition is the need to hear the appreciation of both service and expense plans. Update founded more than 85% of clients.3. controlled growth. Growth must be aggressive to spread to new geographic markets rapidly; You should also focus on profitability. Established in each market to have funds internally growth must mature to develop new markets. Cash flow management is crucial. Both market expansion, as well as continuous media activities, should be monitored, and then must be reviewed or refined.Critical issuesThe health of the city is still at the speculative stage as a departure organization. On important questions:• Labor costs, to exceed income just to be careful to maintain a controlled increase in sales. This will help protect you from the bottom of the negative economic environment.• Adjust the first plan, health insurance managers in the market.ReferencesTemple-Bird C L, (2000), ‘Practical steps for developing health care technology policy’, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex/Ziken International Consultants Ltd, Lewes, UK, ISBN: 1 85864 291 4.Stritzel S, Flessa S, and W Kawohl, (1997), ‘How to run a health care technical services business: Set of 2 – Manual, and Working paper’, FAKT, Stuttgart, GermanyVogel L.H., Perreault L.E. (2006) Management of Information in Healthcare Organizations. In: Shortliffe E.H., Cimino J.J. (eds) Biomedical Informatics. Health Informatics. Springer, New York, NYHayes, (2010). 7 Steps to Healthcare Strategic Planning. Retrieved from Ten Steps of Action Planning, (2014, October). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD., (2016, October). How to Make Strategic Planning Work for Your Health Care Organization. Retrieved from Stewart, (2017, April). How We Develop Hospital, Medical and Dental Marketing Plans. Retrieved from Stewart, (2016, November). The New Normal for Medical and Hospital Marketing in Tough Economic Times. Retrieved from David, (2014). Healthcare Marketing Plans That Work. Nebraska Hospital Association. Principal Strategic Marketing Concepts Ellicott City, Maryland.Stensberg Katie, (2013, July). 10 steps to a successful health care marketing plan. Retrieved from

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