The Danimal Projects

Published: 2021-07-06 06:30:10
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The Danimal projects have a reflection of many rules that are in the document which was written by Erik Simians. In their discussion, they talked about a long strategic interest. The main reason why South Africa was chosen for the Danimal since there are many opportunities identified for the growth of development and growth.Danimals also found a team that was based locally and could promote their products to the local markets as well as develops their interest. The products were being sold to the villagers by an individual which they more often which is much more comfortable of building a loyalty brand and distributed to local supermarkets and shops (Hawarden 32). However, Danone was not making a significant profit in Africa; but instead, it was breaking as well as providing wealth to the local people. It has reduced the cost of distribution by spending time in organizing a global position system which knows the local market. More so, Danimals helps the Danone to minimize the risk of operating with cash coming up with a business model.The tier distribution that was done relationship between the animals and distributes to different channels by few managements. They held a two days training which was meant to cover many things such as finance management, marketing as well a covering sales. The company was successfully able to allow the distributors to acquire free services based on trust. Additionally, they would create a product for free and introduced virtual money process which are it safer in avoiding financial risk related issues with Danimal (Solomon. et al. 65). I would like to emphasize that the Danimal project is not only meant to support but also meant to create a sustainable BOP to the product. Danimal has contributed to the successful projects by the Danone. More so it has encouraged women in joining into education institution to learn more about business.Works citedHawarden, Verity, and H. Barnard. “Danimal in South Africa: Management innovation at the bottom of the pyramid.” Product code: 910M99 (2010).Solomon, Michael R., et al. Consumer behavior: Buying, having, and being. Vol. 10. Pearson, 2014.

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