The Different Approaches to a Group Decision Making and How Effective They are in a Group

Published: 2021-07-07 00:14:14
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INTRODUCTIONGroup decision making is a participatory process where different people who collaborate, in the analysis of problems and the process try to evaluate the course of action and come to a solution from the alternatives. Persons involved may vary ranging from two to around seven. The composition of the group may be similar demographically or diverse. The decisions made in a group, a group, may be informal or formal where the decision-making process may be structured or unstructured. This paper aims to consider the different approaches to a group decision making and how effective they are in a group.Brainstorming is a group decision method where the members bring suggestions in most cases verbally. Usually, the situation is described for the members to understand the problem at hand. The facilitator gets ideas from the members and records them. Brainstorming is a conventional approach we use in different places. At school especially in various clubs and societies, the method used at large in giving suggestions about an event planning. The method has been effective mainly when lighter issues are being discussed, and the team involves people with common interest.The dialectical inquiry is a technique which puts a lot of emphasis on the alternatives, both positive and negatives. The technique involves division of the groups into proposing and opposing sides. The method ensures the group puts into consideration all possible choices available. The method extensively used during our debating club sessions. Most of the time the process is not useful where the topics of discussion have equal weight.Nominal group technique involves the members comes up with a list of proposed ideas. The ideas are written privately, once finished the members announces items they had written until the views from all members have been recorded. The members the discusses the listed issues and try to rank in order of preference. The method is usually used when everyone’s decision is required hence overcoming the reluctance of some members sharing their ideas.Delphi technique is applicable where the members are in different physical location. The selection of the groups is based on the expertise they possess. One the members have provided inputs; they present them through email or a chat-room. The technique may be ineffective since the respondents being physically absent maybe biased or their answers misinterpreted.Joining a new team can be challenging where groupthink is a problem. One way of minimizing is through debates. The debates are essential as it makes the members opinion count. In most cases, as a group leader, one should avoid at first stating their views and give the members opportunity to say their ideas. Secondly inviting external perspective during the decision-making process can be essential. By discussing with an outside member, you get impartial ideas. Lastly, during the discussion try to develop an alternative solution at all times this may be by challenging the team to assume the management rejects the first opinion presented. The team will therefore further brainstorm and will not have a fixed mindNominal group technique is a useful approach. Everyone in a group is presented with an opportunity to participate in the discussion hence the likelihood of one member dominating the conversation is avoided. A significant amount of ideas also generated in the process giving the members opportunity to prioritize them based on their relevance in a democratic manner. The method is also advantageous when new members are involved as it encourages them to actively participate hence bringing about their smooth integration into the group.

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