The Fall of Toys R Us

Published: 2021-07-06 06:28:27
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Toys R Us is a toy and children products in America and its headquarters are located in Wayne New Jersey. The founder was Charles Lazarus who started the children toy store in the year 1957 by tracing the origin of Lazarus Children furniture store. The company had operated on toys business for a very long time like 65 years ago with around 800 stores in America as well as more than 800 stores outside America. The company has continuously expanded its branches internationally. The more it establishes more companies outside the US, the more it embodied a customer philosophy of quality selection as well as a value under one roof. More so it strengthens its digital capabilities where it opens some e-commerce websites, mobile apps, and Omni channel products in its international markets by making the product more accessible to all its consumers worldwide.The time in which the Toys R Us existed during a time where there are a lot of challenges and competitions from fellow retailers in the market. The problems of the Toys R can be explained as the result of the collapsed retail giant. Due to the demise of this giant of toy many fingers have been pointed towards Amazon, corporate raiders as well as the big box stores. However, it was Toys R Us that gave them this chance, and due to their existence, it led to the failing of it. More so the company did not take care of the stores that are based and they did not prune the stores that were not making a profit. Shuttering of its 738 led to troubles that are facing the company up to now. However, the liquidation process will throw up many challenges that the company will go through. Retailers in America as well as Europe have abandon Toys R Us and spent most of their time in big box stores as well as online. The online companies are Amazon is the ones that are benefiting from the collapsed of the giant toy company. The most significant mistake that the Toys R US made was accommodating a lot of debts that have overpowered their ability to repay it. More so failing to restructure their business like its competitors such as Amazon and Wal-Mart has led to more of it’s failing to catch up with its competitors. The store has been saddled with debts hence making it difficult to keep up with its competitors. However, the brand has tried to come up with some initiatives such as rebranding it among other, but its competitors are still way far from it.Toy R Us has a strategic plan known as a category killer. They have specialized in the selling of unique varieties of toys that could not be found in any other toy retailers. It helped it in preventing its competitors surviving in the toy market. The causes of this brand struggles are the debts that it is still holding. Additionally, the way its competitors are carrying out their marketing process that has enables their shining in the market and consumers have embraced the new selling techniques and sales $ 80 billion profit.As a consumer and as am concerned about the falling of Toys R Us has not been competitive enough. One was scenario their online services they are not fast in delivering compared to Amazon. They should have provided active online services such as shipping as well as competitive pricing. It is not making clearance hence means that they are not making enough sales.ReferencesByrnes, N., Palmer, A. T., & Hawkins, L. (2000). Toys’R’ Us. Business Week, 48-53.Schiffman, C. (2001). Toys R Us. The Southern Review, 37(3), 572.Kalakota, R., & Robinson, M. (1999). e-Business. Roadmap for Success: Addison Wesley.

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