The Family as a Social Institute

Published: 2021-07-06 06:38:46
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Utilizing sociological terms and concepts with which relatives you have a significant relationship. Which do you hardly ever see? What social institutes play a role in these situations?I am a teenager, and there is a significant bond built between my family and me. I have the deep attachment to my father as he is the only person with who I spend my almost three to five hours every day. From the beginning of my education till now, he helped me in the school work, sports, and personality development. My most of the concerns, problems, and needs are fulfilled because of him. His way of helping me and reading my mind thoughts, change of moods concerning my growth.The most distant or the family member that I see hardly are my elder siblings. They live in the University hostels and remote locations and rarely visits home. My brother is ideal to me. His predictions skills are fantastic, and he perceives our home conditions and comes to help out father and mother many times a month. His most of the life is spent in the hostel and university as he left for California since he was eighteen and now serving at San Diego as an operational manager. The family is meant to be an institute which is responsible for calling him back to home on a regular basis and there would be no way I would ever meet him if there would be no family bonding among us.According to the theoretical perceptive of family, functionalism, the family performs some significant roles for the society and the growing individuals. It helps the children to socialize so that they would be able to become self-sufficient. In many ways, the emotional, as well as the practical support of the family, is highly helpful for every member of the family. Concerning the philosophical theory, the family could be considered as a social institution which is highly useful in designing the future life. Family can be recognized as an institute which grows the analytical skills, language, norms, and values of life.

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