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Product:The product is the first P of marketing. The product is goods or services giving to a consumer to fulfil their needs and wants(Kalyanam & McIntyre, 2002). Before creating a product, you have to know about the market and the competition of that product in the market. So, you have to make your product unique from others to compete in the competitive market.Price:When you are done with making a product now, you have to set its price. Price includes all your costs which occur in making a product and profit margins(Kalyanam & McIntyre, 2002)You have to keep in mind the price of that product in the market to compete and make your product unique in the competitive environment.Promotion:After setting a price of your product now its time to promote it. The product is promoted in different ways to consumers through advertising, email marketing, social marketing, video marketingReferencesKalyanam, K., & McIntyre, S. (2002). The e-marketing mix: a contribution of the e-tailing wars. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 30(4), 487–499.

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