The Ghost in the Trees

Published: 2021-07-06 23:13:15
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Rachel Louise Snyder is an American writer and journalist. She covers social issues and areas of life where normal life exists and the fields of life that are often neglected by the busy humans of 21st Century. One of his all time famous and admired work is “Fugitive denim: a moving story of people and pants in the borderless world of global trade”. In the 15thchapter of this book, titled as ‘The Ghosts in Trees’, he described the story of a girl and the struggles of her life and how she got a place where she is now. The girl Nat is an employee of United Eternity. Nat was born malnourished, her mother was undernourished and she was unable to produce milk. Nat was reared in the conditions where she got only sugar water. She was 10 when she went to school. She was that much weak that even she couldn’t stand till she was 13. Problems weren’t ended but she has to toil hard to survive. Her father got illness and she had to sell some stuff on roads and then worked in factory and the attitude she faced there was horrible. She worked there for a long time until she got job where she is today. Her story has many and many things in detail which tells us the attitude of the society towards the little problems which then grew and become major issues. We take little diseases for granted and they create major issues. Nat’s story is all the way a picture of it that how we ignore things and how much they matter. The flu, the broken leg, the growing bone; it all matters because they change the life of not only a person, but a whole family.Work CitedSnyder, Rachel Louise. Fugitive denim: a moving story of people and pants in the borderless world of global trade. WW Norton & Company, 2009.

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