The Implication of Federal Law on Healthcare

Published: 2021-07-07 00:20:20
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Many Americans have been finding it hard for them to get the best health care that they are supposed to have. But after the federal government enacted Affordable Care Act, many Americans rich and poor now have a sigh of relief on their faces. This health care legislation, ensures that ordinary American better health security that he is entitled to as well as a comprehensive insurance policy that people enjoy health insurance. This law helps to keep insurance company on the check as they are held accountable if a citizen does not get the right health care. As at the same time all Americans are entitled to affordable and quality healthcare.The primary purpose of Affordable Care Act is to ensure that health insurance is affordable for all who have little or no insurance coverage. To some extent the legislation aims the underinsured people who have healthcare coverage that does not protect them well from high medical cost (Aro & Mooney”, 2010). The Affordable Care Act intends to cut costs that American citizen incurs when they are in the hospital. This legislation wants to ensure that large percentage of Americans who did not have health insurance get it so that they also can enjoy medical care.The main characteristic of Affordable Care Act includes, one, length of coverage under a parent’s health insurance policy. It ensures that children who are still under their parents can get medical care under their parent’s health insurance until they reach the age of twenty-six. Secondly, there are Medicare benefits, this where there is assured Medicare benefit that people will get for free. The free Medicare benefits that a person will get if he goes to the hospital include a test for cancer, immunization and mammograms test. Thirdly, there is an individual mandate to have health insurance. This feature asserts that those people who do not have health insurance will have to pay special tax at the end of year tax return.Majority of the citizen have a mixed feeling concerning Affordable Care Act. As most of the working class do not care about it in any way because all is the same. While the immigrant who is working in America feel it should include them because they are a taxpayer. The natives who are jobless also have welcomed the act because they are the one which the act favors because they feel it is their right to good and affordable health care (Oberlander, 2010). The rich people who can afford health care do not care about the act because it does not affect them in any way.The Affordable Care Act has got a lot of support in grassroots as most of the people have been educated about the importance of this bill and the benefit that it will give the Americans. So many consumer groups, community health centers and health care provider have educated most of the people and they have agreed to it as it is the only hope that they have to reform health sector. The Affordable Care Act has received more and more support in recent years because the majority feel that with its majority of Americans will be able to enjoy medical care that they were not able to have. But in some places a bunch of people fills that this affordable care act will be costly for the government to run the program.Since the introduction of affordable care act, the majority of people have been cooperating with the government as most of the people enroll so that they can be the eligible beneficiary of the health care law (Kuttner, 2011). Where persons who are sick, can be able to get medical attention without them worrying about how they are going to pay. But for those migrants, they find the idea of affordable care act as a savior for them because even they have been included to enjoy such rare opportunities. For those who see the act as a burden also benefits from it in one way or another which makes it a good act to all American citizen.Government agencies such as, a center for consumer information and insurance oversight has been given responsibility by the federal government to oversee implementation related to private health insurance as well as ensuring that new market rules for protection are followed. This agency is also given the mandate to provide that all states insurance commissioner and stakeholders have best laws that are not harmful to the American people. There is also, Center for Medicare and Medicaid services which has been given the responsibility of administering Medicare to all people who are over65 years as Medicaid has been given responsibility for regulating health care for low-income individual and families. All these agencies help the government to ensure that Affordable Care Act is realized in America.The following are ways that the government can pursue to bridge the gaps that are in Affordable Care Act. One is the mandatory purchase of insurance policies, this forceful purchase of insurance will ensure that most people have got medical insurance. It will be easy for the government to know who they are dealing with and how they can help him if he comes from humble background (Chait, 2010 ). Secondly, improving Medicaid to low-income people, the Medicaid agency should ensure that Medicaid payment rates are not too high so that those income earners can afford.Since the introduction of Affordable Care Unit, the majority of people especially young adults who used not to get medical care are now happy with the law which has put them under the umbrella of their parent’s medical insurance policies (Cox, 2012). The Affordable Care Act has improved the health care of many individuals who used not to get medical care. This law has been counted as a success to most of the Americans both rich and poor.Some agencies have been specially given the mandate of evaluating the success of Affordable Care Act. These agencies include consumer assessment of healthcare providers and system and electronic health record who ensure along with other agencies that Affordable Care Act is evaluated and monitored well.Affordable Care Act, has successfully achieved its intended goal as the majority of Americans who were jobless now are capable of getting medical care. Also those uninsured people now can be able to get medical care without disturbance from the hospital. Those young adults who have always been discriminated have obtained the right to health care through their parent’s insurance policy. All this has been made possible by this new policy of health care to all.The Congress and the Senate have worked tirelessly to ensure that all Americans get free health care. The Congress through health committee has made a law that ensures that Affordable Care Act is affordable by amending laws that make it easy for people to get medication without insurance as long you are an American. Also they have made sure that there are laws that regulate the charges in hospitals to be affordable. Lastly they have put in check insurance companies to make sure that they pay American hospital bills in time for those with insuranceIn conclusion, affordable care act, has been the redeemer of most American who was not able to have medical care. The Affordable Care Act since it was enacted, the health care of most Americans has kept on improving. Thanks to Congress and senator health committee who passed this law that regulates the charges that citizens are charged. Also they have made sure that insurance compensates insured Americans on time. Affordable care act is the best law that all Americans enjoy equality.BibliographyAro, M., & Mooney”. (2010). Brief reconciliation. Pelosi Defends Health Care Fight Tactics, 43-63.Chait, J. (2010 ). Obama’s Moderate Health Care Plan. New York: The New Republic.Cox, A., Desantis, A., & Jeremy White (March 25, 2. “. (2012). Fighting to Control the meaning of Obama Care. New York: Globe Publisher.Kuttner, R. (2011). RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare. Boston: Boston Globe.Oberlander, J. (2010). “Long Time Coming: . washington: Washington press.

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