The Industrial Revolution and Personnel Management

Published: 2021-07-07 00:16:39
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Introduction to Human Resource ManagementThe human resource management has recently evolved as a distinct profession for the establishment of personnel departments that look into the total welfare of workers in an organization an in this case for FAT gym. The industrial revolution has led to an establishment of companies and their workers facing long hours of work under terrible conditions while living in unhygienic areas. To provide fundamental rights as well as protection to workers industrial revolution introduced statutory regulations to set up mechanisms that protect the worker’s welfare and other upcoming issues.Personnel management is the administrative function of the human resource management to provide the necessary personnel needed for all the organizational activities to manage a healthy employee-employer relationship.Importance of the introduction of personnel managementRecruiting, employing and developing workers in the organization.Advising and assisting managers in all personnel matters.Helps workers to develop their concerns fully.Motivating the employees by initiating effective incentive plans that they can provide full co-operation.Managing both individual and the blue-collar workers in context with the human resource management.Employee record keeping.Increasing productivity through increased wages and training, as well as enforcing standards derived from studies that are influenced by the scientific management approaches.With the whole evolution of human resource management, there is an increased market competition at a global level and raise in the use of technology and knowledge-based industries thus increasing the need and importance of human resources. There is an increased thrust for human resource management in many organizations. Some of the functions of the human resource management are:Maintenance of a kind work atmosphereRecruitment and training of new employeesPerformance appraisals for all employeesDeveloping healthy public relations especially with the clientsA relationship between line managers and the human resource departmentThe human resources and line managers should work together to ensure that FAT Gym achieves total success. By working together, the line managers are proficient in tactical human resources functions. This helps the human resources mangers to put more time and effort into their strategic HR management. FAT Gym has not had a reliable hr manager over the years, and the introduction of one is of very much benefit to the company. As an HR manger, there is increased importance to enhance all the departments work together to ensure there is maximum efficiency in FAT Gym. This can be ensured through:Effective conflict resolutionConflicts are inevitable in all workplaces whenever department employees represent their different working styles, cultures as well as personalities. With a good relationship in the different areas of work, when such conflicts arise it is easier for the line managers to seek advice from the HR managers to resolve them. The existence of the distinction between the line managers and the hr departments can be difficult for the human resources to resolve the underlying conflicts. With a positive working relationship, it is easier to facilitate the handling of all the workplace investigations and mediate between the staffs, the gym clients as well as all the conflicts that may arise between the management members.Easier performance managementOne of the functions of human resources is to facilitate training and development which prepares the line managers for their leadership tasks such as conducting employee performance appraisals. A positive and healthy relationship between the gym managers and the human resources will ensure the gym maintains a consistent approach to performance management in all of their branches. Lack of consistency in the gym’s operations and performances will have a negative impact on the client’s satisfaction hence as the HR manager; I will ensure that the human resources and the managers of the gym work collaboratively together.Creating a positive workforce strategyStrategic planning involves both the HR managers and all the managers to review all the projects concerning the future of FAT Gym as well as the demands that determine all the undertakings of the gym whether it’s to train the already existing supervisors or to recruit new candidates with higher skills to help the current employee knowledge base. A good working relationship between the HR and the line managers will benefit the gym by reducing the total cost per hire and turnover of the supervisors and the gym instructors.As the HR manager, I will focus more on adding value and engaging all the managers, gym instructors, and talent in our gym. This is through:Developing leadership skills that give directions and a sense of hope for the managers.Evaluating everything within the gym with a business-leadership bias.Develop credibility by showing that I genuinely want to help thrive the business in all sectors.Harness the hearts and minds of the entire manager to increase their engagement in the running of the gym. How strategic human resource management contributes to FAT’S business goals Strategic human resource management is the practice of aligning business strategy with that of HR practices to help achieve the goals of the organization. Each of the functions of the human resource has its strategic plan of the organization:StaffingThis includes all the development of an overall strategic plan that is used to determine the number of people that is needed to be hired. The human resources of FAT perform the hiring process to recruit and select the required supervisors and gym instructors based on the strategic plan.Basic workplace policiesIt is the work of the HRM to develop all the systems that help reach the strategic plans of the gym. After all the policies have been developed efficiently, the human resources also must communicate the workers on safety, scheduling, vacation times and also flextime schedules. Here the human resources work closely with the supervisors and the instructors to enhance the development of these policies.Training and developmentHelping the recruits and employees develop the skills required for their jobs and also helping the current employees to grow their skills is also the job of the human resource management. Determining the training needs, developing and implementing the training programs are very important and are key tasks in the gym that require strategic planning especially the succession planning.Regulatory issues and worker safetyThe human resource management department is responsible for keeping up to date with all the new regulations relating to employment, health care, and any other issues that affect the workers in the gym. This requires planning to acquire the targeted goals.These strategic plans may aim at long-term goals, or the human resource may include short-term goals that are equally tied to the main goal of the gym. Understanding the overall objectives of the gym, problems challenges faced, and the opportunities available will be of great help in the implementation of the strategic plans set aside.Method of the effectiveness of the human resources departmentQuality of new hires and employeesOne way of measuring the effectiveness of the HR strategies is by examining the class of the newly employed recruits. Creating detailed organizational charts that fills all the functioning needs and job descriptions of all the supervisors and the gym instructors with the skills and abilities required for each of them. This allows the HR manager to determine which of the workers is the best according to the full positions of all the current employees.The productivity of the employeesAll the positions that are filled have a particular target to the gym. The employees may have measurable personal goals, however, such as the number of clients they want to handle in a day or how much weight they want their client to lose in a set period. Creating a job description for all the workers in all the positions will help me set the desired outcome for all of them as well as reviewing the strategies used in producing the expected results in the gym.RetentionAn increased staff turnover only shows how weak the HR strategies of an organization are. If you can’t keep employees in the gym, may be due to lack of respect of communications between the management and the staff, not being to deliver the promises made during hiring or poor supervision and training of the new employees. It is advisable to conduct exit interviews with the workers leaving to determine why the gym is losing their staff and whether there is a need to change the retention strategies in the gym.CostsConducting a budget variance analysis of all the personnel costs including all the costs associated with recruiting, hiring, training, management compliance, and compensation is a crucial measurement of the HR strategy. This will help determine whether there is a need to outsource more value for the budget of the gym, identifying any cases of inaccurate projections or lack of management of the HR functioning.Human resource effectivenessSupporting the HR department efficiently and the operational contributions create high levels of productivity. The effectiveness of all the measurements outcome is very much associated with the functioning of the human resources hence it is imperative to emphasize on supporting al the HR functional and operational contributions. The reflecting effectiveness of strategy and decision making and supporting suggests that the HR effectiveness will increase.Engagement of the workersEngaged workers can work to their potential and are also the bedrock of a successful business. Establishment of a strong culture will lead to well-engaged staff. To measure the staff engagement, it is important to ask the workers and the gym clients what the think. The survey will help measure what really matters in a very simple and effective way without interfering with the running of the gym. It doesn’t need to be over-engineered but it needs to be independent, and confidentiality is also very paramount for effective and accurate results.Impact of contextual factors of the internal environmentEmployee relationsAll the domestic HR policies and procedures of the gym will affect the gym either positively or negatively. If maybe the gym is committed to promoting the already existing employees instead of recruiting new once, the HR must ensure that the employees receive all the appropriate training and development required to prepare them for promotion when that time comes.Level of growthThe gym’s rate of current and project growth impacts the human resources internally. The gym may undergo aggressive growth or a rapid expansion which may make it necessary for the human resource department to focus more on recruiting and more staffing of gym instructors. The ongoing recruitment of new employees in the gym may affect the already existing employees.Impact of contextual factors of the external environmentCompetitionThe level of competition in the gym industry will affect the gym’s ability to recruit the qualified workers required in all the branches. There will be a very tight struggle for candidates as other giant gyms in the area will be seeking them out as well. In such a case, there is no need to spend money on advertising because the candidates can visit the gym’s website on their own will and afterward apply for the qualified jobs. The human resources, in this case, will only be required to focus more on developing all the necessary recruitment materials as well as attending job fairs that promote the gym and attract most qualified applicants as well.Government regulationsThe new introduction of new workplace compliance standards in the human resources department the HR managers are constantly under pressure t stay within the laws and regulations. The regulations affect all the processes of the HR department majorly may it be recruiting, hiring, training, firing, compensation and many more. Lack of adherence to these regulations could lead to the gym being fined extensively or losing their license entirely which is bad enough for the gym.Human resource management planning modelForecasting Labor DemandHRM planning is the bridging or identifying the current and future human resources needs of an organization to achieve the desired goals of the organization. Thee management models serve as the link between the human resource and the overall strategic plans of the organization. The business must take a strategic approach to human resource management to achieve the goals. To develop an achievable strategic HR plan, the professionals must forecast on labor demand and supply and projections. Having the strategic vision when it comes to human resource needs is necessary for the HR director to achieve its goals that were outlined in its strategic plan.This is the process of estimating the future human resource requirement by determining the right quality number of employees. An increase in the production or a growth in the business will cause an increased demand for more employees.FAT Gym is in the process of recruiting new employees in all of their branches. It is essential to put into consideration that with the increasing demand for supply and the thriving gym business all over it is important to recruit and invest more in the new employees. This will also reduce the turnover rate in the gym and therefore there won’t be any need for hiring in the new future.The newly established human resource management in the gym should put more effort into the whole recruiting process and ensure they acquire the best applicants for the jobs. Increased demand and competition in the labor market will force the gym management to invest more to attain the deserved objections and set goals for the gym.Relevant an appropriate questions Following the resigning of Gym Manager at FAT’s Hamilton store, there is a need to recruit and select a new manager for this particular branch. The following is job descriptions for the post that I, the Human Resource Manager has designed with the help of the current managers of the Gym that will help analyze the role of the next incoming manager.Interview questions about your qualifications and skillsHow do you evaluate success?If the people who know you were asked why you should be hired for this position, what would they say?How do you plan to achieve your goals as well as those of FAT Gym?Interview questions about employees.Imagine you are assigned a critical task but your team members keep interrupting you with questions. How do you complete the work, and how do you respond to your team?Describe a time when your team managed to achieve ambitious goals you set as a manager. How did you support an motivate them?Talk about the time you led an important meeting. How did you prepare for it?Describe a time you mentored someone. How did they grow? What were they dong initially, and what are they doing now?Interview question about managementWhat strategies will you use to motivate your team and what do you expect from a manager?What challenges and problems have you faced? How did you handle them?Share some examples of how you have impacted worker’s safety.Job analysis methods for collecting data for the Gym’s Manager’s role at FATThe job analysis of the manager will be based on the job data. There are a variety of methods used to collect job data. These include questionnaires, checklists, personnel records, technical conferences, observation, and interviews.InterviewsIn this method, I will directly interview all the current managers through a structured interview form to get more information about the job. The method is suitable especially for situations where direct observation is not applicable. Talking directly to the job holders will help me extract meaningful information about their job. The method may be both times consuming and costly, due to the complicated nature of the manager’s job and will, therefore, require longer interviews. Although the effectiveness of the method is not 100% guaranteed as some respondents may cloud the accuracy and objectivity of the information, it will help in developing a reasonable job description for the incoming manager.Personal ObservationData is collected through observing the current employees while at work. How they perform their job and taking notes that describe the tasks and performed duties. The HR manager is required to take note of all the functions performed, working conditions, the hazards involved and the general pace at which activities are carried out. The method also includes personal biases as people have different likes and dislikes and different way of observing and carrying out activities. The efficiency of the technique will entirely depend on the job analyst (HR Manager) and how skilled they are to know what to observe and how to analyze their observations. The method is simple and provides firsthand information knowledge and information about the job being analyzed.Job description for the Gym ManagerIDENTIFICATIONPosition No.Job TitleBranch ManagerSupervisor’s PositionDepartment Division/RegionCommunityLocationHamiltonFin. Code:PURPOSE:To provide leadership and guidance to gym instructors and supervisors to ensure that the customers receive the best training always.RESPONSIBILITIESChecking the equipment and other facilities offered in the gymMaking sure that everything is in excellent working condition, and calling maintenance for repairs when necessary.Responsible for the hiring and training of the gym staff.Keeping track of the attendance and delegates work to the specific people.KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIESMust have a bachelor’s degree in sports science, business administration or management.Must be experienced in both business and have worked at a gym before.WORKING CONDITIONSPhysical DemandsMust be physically fit.Must be ready to withstand long hours of work and training.Environmental ConditionsMust be able to work under limited space and also need to do presentations for the gym client about their programs and facilities.Sensory DemandsMust be able to read and write.Must have a good sense of sight, observing, smelling and touching.Mental DemandsMust be of sound mind.Must know how to control anger and work under pressure.CERTIFICATIONEmployee SignaturePrinted NameDate:Supervisor TitleSupervisor SignatureDate:I certify that I have read and understood the responsibilities assigned to this positionI confirm that this job description is an accurate description of the duties appointed to the post.Deputy Head SignatureDateI approve the delegation of the responsibilities outlined herein within the context of the attached organizational structure.Personal profile for the gym managerJohn Smith22The GroveCaliforniaBT45 1ANMob: 07988238422 Email: [email protected] profile statementI am an ambitious and hardworking Gym Manager with a degree in Fitness Management from the University of South Columbia. I have worked in the fitness industry for more than seven years now hence I have acquired the relevant knowledge required.AchievementsPlaying football at a county level.The employee of the year (2016) at Stealth Training.Education2013-2015 BA Fitness management University of Columbia grade achieved 2nd class Upper.Relevant modulesExercise prescription and instructionSports injury and rehabilitationPublic health policy, branding, and promotion.2010- 2012Results: physical education (A), Biology (B) A London sixth form collegeLevels2003- 2010Results: 11 GCSEsA*- C, including English (A), Mathematics (B) GCSEs St John’s Secondary SchoolWork ExperienceMay 2015- Present Deputy Gym ManagerStealth TrainingDuties PerformedWelcoming customers to the Fitness CentreDealing with inquiries by phone, email, and face-to-face.Ensuring the daily smooth running of the CentreEnsuring Health and Safety regulations are adhered to at all times.QualificationsDBS checkedValid NPLQ qualificationsSkillsAdvanced health and nutrition knowledge.Enjoys challenges, able to work well under pressure to meet set deadlines.Hobbies and interests Sportsman of footballDancing and swimming.ReferencesMr. Jones Chris Mrs. Lucy MarieGym Manager, Stealth Training Centre supervisor, Richkid Fitness CentreAddress: 15 left Rd Surrey, Address:18 Atlanta St, Filter, F16 6NHTel:0799676597 Tel:07746886678Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] methods for the vacancy of the Gym ManagerThe two best practices for recruiting a new manager for FAT Gym are:Employee ReferralsMost HR managers believe that the best way to find a good performer is to hire the individuals referred by already existing and well-performing employees. The HR may opt to pay a bonus to employees for successful referrals. Here everyone wins that is the gym will get a successful new hire, the employee gets the job, and the referring employee has a bonus to most cases the new employee will ensure that he/she delivers to avoid disappointing those who referred them as well as their employer.Advantages of employee referralsIt is easy to acquire the best candidate referred by trusted employees.There is less cost incurred in advertising the post.Disadvantages of employee referralsOver-relying on word of mouth in recruiting may seem discriminatory.There is no chance to evaluate other candidates who may be highly qualified that the referred ones.Job PostingThis is the most commonly used method. The HR department announces a job opening by posting on the notice board or posting the job online can, therefore, apply for the job. Willing and qualified applicants can, therefore, send in their applications and await selection and interview. Adequate job posting should be maintained to ensure a large number of people get the memo of the existing vacancy of the Gym Manager.Advantages of job postingEnsures that minority workers and other disabled groups are aware of the opportunity.Current employees in the gym have a chance to apply for the job vacancy too.Disadvantages of job postingThe management may post the vacancy but have a preferred candidate, and this may demotivate the current employees.Creation of resentment and mistrust among employees and the staff as well.Concepts of Treaty of WaitangiThe concept of equalityThe article of the Treaty guarantees legal equality between Maori and other citizens of New Zealand. All citizens are equal before the law, and human rights are accepted under international laws.The concept of cooperationThis concept is regarded in two bases, duality and unity. Duality is distinctive cultural development while unity implies the common purpose in a community. The relationship between the two is governed by the requirement of cooperation that is an obligation placed on the two parties.The concept of redressThe Crown accepts a responsibility that provides a process for the solving of all the problems arising from the Treaty. This may involve the courts or direct negotiations.New Zealand Laws that HR managers must comply with during recruitingThe Human Rights Act 1993This protects all citizens of New Zealand from discrimination in many areas of life. As the human resource manager, all recruits and employees are liable under this act, and I should be accountable for their actions. Discrimination occurs when a person is mistreated by their employers.The requirements of the Act to take care in writing and posting advertisements relating vacancies and is therefore unlawful to advertise any positions in manners that may be discriminative.The Privacy Act 1993This Act promotes the individual’s privacy. The HRM’s ability to seek information on all their applicants without their approval is limited. Personal information is protected and, therefore, cannot be withheld longer than necessary or handed to unauthorized people. Disclosing any details of an applicant without their consent, even by accident is a breach of the Act and is liable to punishment.These two laws are best in protecting both the employees as well as the gym business hence is the best amongst the other New Zealand laws that govern recruitment processes.

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