The Invention of the Electric Car

Published: 2021-07-07 00:00:46
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BackgroundAn electric car is a vehicle that uses an electric motor for its propulsion instead of one that is powered by the gasoline motor. It is a vehicle that is used by those seeking to conserve the environment. The cars are safer, cheaper to operate, require less maintenance, emit less, and are quiet, faster, and easier to use (Barber, 2017). The cars have a rechargeable battery and an electric propulsion system which enable the transmission of energy. The use of the car was meant to reduce pollution through reducing the greenhouse gas emissions as compared the gasoline powered engines. It would also serve to reduce the imports of oils. (photo of an electric car)HistoryThe person who developed the first electric vehicle is not well known. Historically, what is known is that there the vehicles existed and were used as early as the early 1800s. One of the known electric cars was developed in 1828 by a person known as Anyos Jedik. He developed a small model car that could move freely through the use of a tiny electric motor. A bigger electric motor was made by a Scottish known as Robert Anderson which helped in driving a carriage. Later Davenport of the U.S.A created the first electric car which used non-rechargeable batteries and hence reduced the car’s range (Bellis, 2017). In the early 1900s, William Morrison developed the first practical electric car which however lacked the range. For today’s electric cars, they are capable of traveling for long distances on their batteries. For instance, the Tesla Roadster in 2008 could travel for about 200 miles on one charge. Improvements are still ongoing with the likelihood of swapping the batteries.Current useThe electric cars are popular among the members of society however not to everyone since there are some who opt for the hybrid vehicles. It is because the governments have subsidized their prices making them more affordable to many (Weaver, 2017). Some of the people prefer the electric scooters over the electric cars since the former has a lower price tag. On the other hand, the vehicles have been improved through the inclusion of some charging devices such as solar panels. The cars are majorly used in areas or countries which have good connectivity to the national grid. Norway and the UK are seen to be leading users of the cars. Its use is significant since it seeks at protecting the environment through the adoption of the green technology.SummaryThe electric vehicles are here to stay. Many individuals claim they are unable to purchase them due to their high cost and low range (Thompson, 2017). In spite of that, the manufacture and marketing of the electric cars are likely to soar up due to Tesla’s release of patents on the electric car technology to the other manufacturers. In so doing, the car industry will benefit and as well the customers. Their prices are likely to reduce due to the reduction in the prices of the lithium-ion batteries. The electric cars are likely to be adopted by the customers after a decrease in their prices. In the future, the manufacturing companies should seek ways to reduce the prices and also improve the utility of the batteries for them to be used for longer distances.ReferencesBarber, M. (2017). Transportation: Before Tesla: Why everyone wanted an electric car in 1905, Vox Media.Retrieved from accessed on 14th April 2018.Bellis, M. (2017). A History of Electric Vehicles: 1902 Wood’s Electric Phaeton, ThoughtCo.Retrieved from accessed on 14th April 2018.Thompson, C. (2017). The fascinating evolution of the electric car, Business Insider Inc.Retrieved from accessed on 14th April 2018.Weaver, L. (2017). Five Facts on Electric Cars, ThoughtCo.Retrieved from accessed on 14th April 2018.

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