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Published: 2021-07-06 23:11:55
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Just as any other company around the globe visions and missions are the founding definition of the kind business we own. At Legendary Beer Company, our main goal is craft creation by bringing in the idea of native sustainability in craft brewing. Despite the fact that brewing in Vancouver has helped in creating a sense of community plus giving folks the opportunity to have a taste at other beers, the massive surge in craft beer has brought up the problem of sustainability. The Legendary Beer will instead take an environmental friendly technique whereby the materials in brewing the beer are locally produced besides using carbon offsets in the supply of scarce materials. The main goal of our company is creation of sustainable craft beer both in Vancouver and in the entire globe given that craft beer has become a major participant in our economy as a nation.Problems in Beer SustainabilityCurrent estimation shows that at least one hundred and twenty four craft breweries are operational in British Columbia province. This is clear evidence showing that craft beer is taking its roots on a life probably on its own in this particular region. It is therefore a major concern that the question of sustainability be answered in respect to beer brewing. The current beers available in the city is made from hops and malts flowing from all over the world to the manufacturers. The Breweries Association President approximates the amount of money used in importation of hops from the United States and Germany is around 14$ dollars. Additionally, the barley available for making malts is also approximated to have been in the decline for quite a while. Transportation or rather shipment of these products over long distances from around the world brings about unsustainability and deterioration of flavor. In collaboration with the native farmers in this region and the basis of our diet introduced in Vancouver, our belief is that we will not only provide an effective and efficient business model but also create a major growth in the economy.Another problem in the sustainability of beer arises on the shipment stage of the product. As Legendary Beer brewers, we believe that beers locally made with the support and engagement or involvement of the community are best. We therefore have a grand plan of rolling our products only within the borders of our nation and working hand in hand with the recyclers; we have a plan of ensuring our bottles are from some of the most sustainable sources in the community. From the environmentalists’ idea, it is of good understanding that glass bottles are only environmental friendly when transported over short distances, we therefore marry this idea by ensuring our products are shipped within our borders. As we all know, mining aluminum cans is energy sensitive. To save this energy, we have decided that our bottles are transported with boxes made from materials recycled and our labels on the boxes made sustainable.Based on sustainability, all the problems hindering beer brewing can be circumvented. In Legendary Beer, we perceive a procedure for collaboration stirring and all the stakeholders in the brewing process experience to profit. Bearing in mind that sourcing of Legendary Beer materials might not be possible, we have a goal of obtaining carbon neutrality when it comes to sourcing of external goods. Using carbon-offset model is also an alternative to us when it comes to building the growth of our indigenous farming communities as part of our sustainable farming practices will be important considering the anthropogenic climate variation.Objectives and StrategiesOur objectives as a company includes provision of profitable company selling environmental friendly and clean products to consumers. We also look upon designing an organization that is able to compensate persons for marketing done by others they recruit. We are as well planning to come up with an efficient machine for marketing that is able to eliminate the ineffective traditional system of distribution.As part of our marketing strategy, legendary breweries is targeting two categories of customers in the market. The first category is composed of individuals purchasing beer for personal consumption. These categories of consumers are considered, environmentally cautious people interested in locally made beers. Demographics of this collection of customers are environmentally liberal individuals whose main interests are making the society a better place by having a personal contribution for environmental betterment. The second category of our target market are the distributors who in some cases we call retailers. This category consists of selected few from the first group whose interest in environmental conservation exceeds their personal interest stretching up to the whole community. They are loyal team who are interested in helping the company in marketing its beer besides making some income from it.Community EngagementAs environmentally concerned company our need is to work in collaboration with the native community to help in sharing stories of people amongst whose community, our brewery will occur. A beer will be a composition of a staff member, or the head brewer. Legendary Beer believes that our road to success is work together with the local partners making sure that people are quite knowledgeable of how the beer their consume is made or rather manufactured. Alternatively, we need to strategically increase our profits and this is only possible when the community is fully engaged in the manufacturing of the product. Legendary Beer is more than willing to incorporate the community in the task force intending to produce environmentally sustainable products. The company will offer wages good enough to reciprocate their contribution in the company.Our company is also focusing on being sustainable not only financially but also environmentally for the success of the entire organization. For the sustainability of all the resources required for the brewing process, we feel both company and the community has to be one thing altogether. Vancouver City is in the right direction nearing it being environmental friendly as stated in the action plan. Sustainability is a matter of concern to the natives and their happiness towards the success of the company is what compels them to pay even more for the locally produced products.Actualizing Our FutureOur belief as Legendary Beer is that the market is not yet filled to the saturation point in Vancouver. For our successful marketing, we are intending to use narratives from both our workers and farmers to come up with a story highly compelling to the Vancouverites. Our passion in engaging the community plus our ability to perceive sustainability in production is actually the sole reason making us special over our fellow breweries in the market. Our move to craft breweries is considered as the level of desire to consume local goods. This gives rise to our goals, which is offering sustainable beer, which based way off the social principles of injustice. Our company is esteemed to bring the pleasure needed by lovers of beer in Vancouver and in specific those beers proving to be hard to get. We believe that viral online marketing besides the community will act as an avenue for us to continue building a brewery that in the near future, will change the perception of our competitors to follow suit in becoming ecologists in environmental conservation.ReferencesGreen WW. Plat of Lot 11 and the north 100 feet of Lot 10 and of the east 40 feet of Lot 9, all in Block 13, Bluff Portion of the Central Wharf & Warehouse Company’s Subdivision.De Angelis M, Adıgüzel F, Amatulli C. The role of design similarity in consumers’ evaluation of new green products: An investigation of luxury fashion brands. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2017 Jan 10;141:1515-27.Lin B, Jeffers AE, Romero S, DeGaetano LA. Sustainability (green) initiatives and company’s value-an examination of S&P 500 US companies. 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