The Origin of Technologies Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 23:59:20
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In the modern and technological world today, technological advancements revolutionized the world. Technology never follows the concept of Darwin that small changes of machinery led to the development of machinery. Sometimes it occurs but needs a whole new principle to develop a set of machinery. The technologies came with the invention and that only leads to the occurrence of novel technologies. The invention starts with principles and needed a purpose for its occurrence. These principles sometimes arrive quickly but sometimes require so much time. Later, these principles of invention convert into a physical structure, such as architecture is needed after the purpose defined. The main part of the invention is that a particular solution needs occurrence or any action. A mental association is linked to the process of invention and it also includes the creativity and imagination. The invention is the starting of novel technology in which one have the ways to do things in a certain pattern. Novel technology depends upon functionalities and components. The process could be considered as a pyramid of causality in which that leads to any novel device or technology. In the pyramid of causality, technical and scientific knowledge is required. The all provided logic of novel technology is applicable to the invention of science and mathematics. The system of novel technologies is not the Darwin one in which certain changes occurred and technology arise but needs a complete process based on specific principles. It requires a process in which humans are involved and provide assistance to the supporting solutions. The problems need small components of solutions. In conclusion, to invent any technology requires the concept to find out its appearance in something that previously exists.

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