The Pact of Umar Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 00:05:31
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If one talks about one of the more important policy documents of the Islamic era, The Pact of Umar stands out as something that goes to show the overall ideology of the Muslim rules during that early time period of Islam. The pact sort of establishes the blue print that was needed to be followed by al the non Muslims and the people who were involved in the early confrontation with Islam. The other reason behind the pact was to make sure that the establishment of the protocols to make sure that there are is no further bad blood between Muslim and non Muslim community. In this paper, it would be seen what are some of the underlying objectives of the document and what it sets to achieve in the long run. The document would be organized in categories so that clear purpose behind its inception can be formulated.To Show the Superiority of the Arab MuslimsOne of the key purposes of the document was to make sure that some sort of superiority of the Muslims, especially Arab Muslims can be developed. To make sure it happens, one of the key provisions in the document was that how non Muslims are supposed to stand up and vacate their seats if any of the Muslim is passing by. At the same time, to establish difference between Arabs and people from the other ancestry, it was said to be very important to make sure that non Arabs should not be adopting any cultural practices that are specially referenced with Arabs. For example, they cannot adopt the same Kunyas or nicknames or should adopt the same dressing codes as Muslims. Furthermore, they are also stopped from engraving any signets with Arabic nicknames on it.Setting up the Distance between the Rules and One Being RulesAnother defining feature of the object is that how it sets out very clearly the differences that exist between the people who rule and the people who are being ruled. For instance, the non Muslims are clearly instructed to make sure that they should not be making their homes higher as compared to that of the rules so that the sense of superiority stays. Not only that, they are being instructed to make sure that they wear a belt that goes with the name Zunnar to ensure that they can be marked. Non Muslims are also supposed to ensure that they are not riding on saddles and they are supposed to clip forelocks from their head.Giving Protections to Christians for their LoyaltyThe pact most of the times is designed in the manner that Christians, who were one of the most fierce rivals of Muslims at that point of time are being asked about their loyalty. The pact implies that if the Christians are able to abide by these guidelines, not only they are given certain degree of freedom as far as the way they can follow their religion, Muslims had assured them about their loyalty. The idea was to make sure that some sort of regulation was being setup regarding the way Christians can be taken care of and their loyalty can be asked for.ConclusionThere are instances, when it might seem that the pact is setup in the manner that is being restrictive to the Non Muslims. The key consideration though is the context and the era in which it was being formulated. The pact allows certain degree of rights and privileges to the Christian, and also makes Muslim dutiful towards making sure that complete security is being provided to them. Thus in the era which was very formative to say the least, the document comes across as a decent bargain for Non Muslims.

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