The personal selling process

Published: 2021-07-06 06:24:40
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After designing the sales force, there comes the personal selling process that has seven steps; prospecting and qualifying, reproach, approach, presentation and demonstration, handling objections, closing as well as follow up. These seven steps are needed to be completed for the purpose of making sales(Armstrong and Kotler). Companies heavily rely on this personal selling process in order to promote their goods and serves. If this process is improved then there is increase in sales of company.The selling process does not conclude with the closing of a sale but in personal selling there is also customer follow-up. All seven steps are crucial for effective selling but follow-up step of the selling process is most crucial as it ensures continuity of business. When you follow up a customer, you are valuing them and repeating business with customer. Thus, it is required to complete all details right after closing and these are related to the distribution interruptions, reimbursing terms or after sales service(Armstrong and Kotler). After the completion of sales, a salesperson needs to schedule a follow up call.Good follow up will twofold your closing percentage as during this you make sure that there are proper fixing, coaching as well as servicing. Follow up visit also disclose any problems and allow the resolution of these problems in best possible way. In this way, you ensure that customer is satisfied with the product or service(Armstrong and Kotler). Any misunderstanding and confusion also get removed with follow up visit that become cause of customer dissatisfaction. In order to retain customers, you can also send newsletters to him along with different articles and updates related to product. Customers can also be engaged over social media. Moreover, from the buyer’s perception, the follow-up is a part of the implementation stage in the buying process. Positive reviews along with additional customer referral are the consequences of good follow-up. This reduces the cost of acquiring new customers for the business as getting new customers is costly than upholding the old customers.Works CitedArmstrong, G. M., and P. Kotler. Marketing: An Introduction. Prentice Hall, 2011, 

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