The Significance and Impacts of the Gun Policy in the Society

Published: 2021-07-06 06:42:06
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Gun control refers to the stricter regulation of firearms regarding ownership, possession and acquiring. Many groups advocate and campaign for gun control whereas there are others who oppose and stand against gun control. Both teams have their point of view and perception on the move on gun legislation. This has bred a duel and debate over the years between the two sides with each arguing in support of its grounds. The contest is observed in law legislation and enforcement, in media and public platforms as well as in courts. In my point of view, the gun policy is an essential regulatory initiative that should be implemented in most of the countries. This essay will explore the significance and impacts of the gun policy in the society.To begin with, possession of a gun a gun can be dangerous and risky. Lives are put on a vulnerable spot with more injuries and deaths being attached to gun attacks. The availability of firearms is likely to increase cases of homicides where people execute the mass murder. With many people having guns at their disposal, people may turn against one other over slight and amicable issues. The ownership of firearms is likely to encourage war since many people are armed and ready to fight (Braman, 569). This can be seen in cartels which turn against each other to achieve dominance. Having powerful guns under their control encourages them to challenge rivals. Research studies have conclusively found that guns and homicides are correlated and go hand in hand with each other. People are likely to kill each other when they own guns rather than when they have limited access.Law legislation is also in support of gun control. In the US, there is the most debated section of their federal laws known as the Second Amendment. The amendment is seen controversial as if in support or opposition of gun control proposition. It states that the rights of US citizens on acquiring and ownership of firearms should not be infringed in a well-regulated militia. This possession is of weapons is considered a necessity for their safety. Most people, when debating on the section concentrate more on the acquiring and bearing of firearms rather than on the militia which is the keyword. The amendment is said to have been legislated in 1971 when it was unpredictable if the idea of a union would prevail and the security of citizens was paramount. It is a wrong perception when one thinks that the law permits every person to acquire and own a firearm. The rule should be interpreted and applied regarding its necessity in a useful Militia.In the recent past, there has been an extensive spread link and connection between possession of guns and suicidal cases. According to research studies, it has been concluded that people tend to commit suicide in a spur of the moment. The decisions to take out one’s life are not rational. This means that the absence of a gun at a person’s disposal can make the whole difference between life and death the moment a person gets suicidal thoughts. According to reports, the regions which have many people bearing firearms report the highest number of cases regarding suicide under guns. Most of the people who commit suicide are said to have weapons at their homes as compared to the people with no arms. This has disputed the notion people have that such regions have common mental and psychological health concerns as wrong.Most of the mass murders, terror attacks, and massacres are executed using guns. There have been reported cases of mass murders where rogue gun holders go on a shooting spree in public places killing dozens of people. Such people tend to kill themselves after such acts. Most of these executions use potent guns which have high-capacity magazines and capabilities to shoot many rounds at once. Most of the acts are either terror driven by radical groups or cartels, but in other instances, people may develop psychological problems thus carrying out mass murders. In a bid to protect the citizens from such disasters, the policy would be useful, and therefore, nations should adopt it. This will minimize the guns available for gangsters and evil people who can commit such crimes.Many people term the possession of firearms as their own decisions driven by their interests such as going on hunting expeditions or ensuring the safety and protection of their families. With gun control advocates calling for the total banning of guns and other weapons, the opposers argue that this would be limited to guys who love going on hunting expeditions or who acquire firearms for the protection of their families. However, it is dangerous and risky as well as entirely insensible when a person possesses an assault rifle and the perception of its own as for sporting and leisure activities may be dead wrong and deceiving. Such a lethal weapon can be turned into a mass killing machine by the owner or when it befell into the wrong hands.In the 21st century, nations and states own many guns per capita. This, however, does not explain the love and affection for firearms. Gun possession is reportedly high in the US than in any other country in the world making them the heavily armed nation in comparison to Russia. The drug cartels were known of overrunning Latin American nations which led to high rates of murder in comparison to war dominated places such as Mexico, Columbia, and Guatemala. This affirms the fact that there are many weapons already in various countries (Cornell, 571). These calls for gun control since it would create an excess that can lead to lethal consequences such as suicides, homicides, mass murders and the rise of divisions, radical groups and cartels.The other reason for the necessity of gun control is the high rates of crimes such as robbery and break-ins. Most of these acts are driven and facilitated by the availability as well as easy accessibility of weapons. The use of guns to execute crimes such as robbery with violence can result in injuries since some people may be shot in the feud. It may also lead to more severe and serious crimes such as rape and murder as people try to defend themselves against the assaulters or far more in trying to repel the thugs.The availability of guns also tempts one into getting into crimes. This is through the presence of powerful firearms and the urge to explore how they work. Also, the readily available weapons create an avenue for the youths and the unemployed to commit crimes with the aim of satisfying their needs. The countermeasures for such vulnerabilities creation of employment for the jobless as well creating awareness programs where people are addressed on problems such as psychological concerns and appropriate use of guns. These aspects coupled up with the gun control policy can deliver an efficient regulatory system thus creating a secure and morally healthy society.Another reason as to why there should be gun control is the voice of the citizens. Most of the public squares and groups advocate for gun control regarding the risks and consequences brought about by possession of guns. Over 54% of the American citizens are in support and campaign for regulation and legislation more strict firearms. This is after research and reports on the finding of the consequences linked to guns as discussed above (Nisbet). The support of gun regulation is perceived to be bipartisan despite the controversial concerns and issues on reinstating the ban on assault weapons. The call by a majority of citizens is further supported by a large number of Independents and Democrats.From the above discussions, it is evident that the possession of guns could be risky and dangerous. The regulation, control, and enacting of stricter and more limiting requirements are likely to reduce if not eliminate the deaths that occur as a result of ownership of guns and firearms. It should also be noted that the proper interpretation of laws and regulations put in place regarding bearing weapons and firearms is necessary as it would also take part in the reduction of cases of gunshots and injuries and deaths brought about by such incidents.Works CitedBraman, Donald, and Dan M. Kahan. “Overcoming the fear of guns, the fear of gun control, and the fear of cultural politics: Constructing a better gun debate.” Emory LJ 55 (2006): 569.Cornell, Saul. “The Early American Origins of the Modern Gun Control Debate: The Right to Bear Arms, Firearms Regulations, and the Lessons of History.” Stan. L. & Pol’y Rev.17 (2006): 571.Nisbet, Lee. The gun control debate. Prometheus Books, 2001.

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