Toronto Terror Attack

Published: 2021-07-06 23:15:31
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What proof in the film shows this terror plot took place?The film proves that there were arrangements concerning the terror attack. As part of the evidence, there are the instances of arranged meetings with the police agent (Mubin Shaikh). The meeting seems to be scheduled at a banquet hall. The main agenda that they are to discuss is the use of security certificates to help bypass the security of Canada. There are also arrangements for a meeting at the Orillia camp. This serves as the temporary training ground for the group.Why is this terror plot regarded as a serious threat to public safety in Canada?The terror attack is a great threat to the safety of Canadians. First, the attack was aimed at destroying the essential sectors of the country. The effect would be devastating since most services in the country are dependent on the organizations targeted by the group. Some of the targets are the parliament, beheading of the country’s prime minister, the national broadcasting house and bombing is the Intelligence Services headquarters. The Islamic States group targeted areas are crucial to the lives of Canadians. Destroying these areas would cause harm to the whole nations since a large number of services would be paralyzed. For instance, storming the Intelligence Services base would threaten the security of the country. The security agencies might fail to notice while the ISIS or other harmful groups penetrate the nation (“2017 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada”, 2018).Do you think that this type of terrorism can happen again in Canada?There are possibilities of such a terror attack happening in the country. With the people involved sentenced to imprisonment; the savage group might try to avenge for its members (Tyler, 2017). This remains a critical area when making a decision that might affect the country’s relationship with foreign nations. The ISIS might even use the homemade extremists to perform attacks on the country (“Canadians are concerned refugees pose a terror threat. Should they be worried?” 2018). Canada must be prepared for any incidence of a terror attack similar to the one that happened.Why is Canada being targeted by extremists?The main reason behind Canada being among the targets by extreme groups is its association in the U.S-led coalition that is aimed to eliminate the ISIS. The fact that the government of Canada supports the movement has made it subject to the savage militant group’s attacks. Canada also inhibits a considerable number of home-grown extremist. The radicals happen to join the savage groups such as Islamic State; situations that make them come back to Canada possessing more extremist motives and ideals (Inc., 2018). Most of the threats, therefore, can be characterized back to the homegrown radicals found in the country. Canada is reported to send its soldiers to Iraq to fight the Islamic State; in retaliation, the ISIS attacks the country as a form of revenge.Why and how does radicalization occur?Radicalization occurs when individuals or a group of people lean towards an extreme political, religious or social aspirations that tend to reject the state in which things are at the present moment. It can be viewed as a way of undermining the state in which situations are managed. When an individual adopt the ideals of a certain group, he or she becomes an antagonist the expressions of the nation (Wilner & Duboloz, 2010). At times people who adopt the process can be harmful to the society or be of benefit. There is a need to consider that poverty does not take part in a person’s choice to join a radical group.ReferencesCanadians are concerned refugees pose a terror threat. Should they be worried?. (2018). Global News. Retrieved 15 February 2018, from Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada. (2018). Retrieved 15 February 2018, from, P. (2018). ISIS urges jihadists to attack Canadians: ‘You will not feel secure in your bedrooms’. National Post. Retrieved 15 February 2018, from held in terror plot in Canada -DAWN – Top Stories; June 4, 2006. June 4, 2006. Archived from the original on September 26, 2013. Retrieved March 25, 2010Tyler, Tracey (December 17, 2010). “Appeal Court Hikes Sentences for Terror Convictions”. Toronto Star. Retrieved December 17, 2010.Video: and Dubouloz, “Homegrown terrorism and transformative learning: an interdisciplinary approach to understanding radicalization,” Global Change, Peace, and Security 22:1 (2010). 38

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