Traditional and Non-Traditional Methods of Marketing

Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:43
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The article explains two different types of marketing. One is the traditional ways of marketing products and services to customers and other is the non-traditional ways. Traditional ways of marketing include usage of media such as television, radio, billboards, magazines and other such media to reach customers. Traditional marketing tends to be more appealing and attractive than non-traditional ways of marketing. Life span can easily be captured in case of traditional marketing. For instance magazines have longest life span. It reaches from one person to another. In the same way newspaper have a short life span yet present appealing message to customers.Nontraditional ways of marketing include event marketing, cause marketing, person marketing, place and organizational marketing. Digital marketing has also become a part of non-traditional ways of marketing products and services to customers. Digital marketing has also opened new window of opportunities for non-traditional methods of marketing. Marketers cannot only market their products online but they can also tag browsing history of customers such as how much time is spent on viewing a particular add or how frequently bit is viewed. Tracking browsing history helps marketers to carry out personalized marketing efforts. One challenge that marketers have to meet is to penetrate the marketing activities and make them appealing through the noise. There is a lot of content on the social media. It is difficult for marketers to build credibility and trust with customers.The article carries out a research study to find out which form of marketing can be much more effective e, either traditional or non-traditional method of marketing. Results of the study confirmed that marketers must select the method based on nature of product and target market. Due to rising challenges in non-traditional marketing, marketers are returning back to traditional ways of marketing (Geraghty, 2016) .ReferencesGeraghty, G. a. (2016). The Study of Traditional and Non-traditional Marketing Communications: Target Marketing in the Events Sector. 12th Annual Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland Conference, (pp. 1-26).

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