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Published: 2021-07-06 23:12:55
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Transferability refers to the extent to which results of qualitative research can be generalized to different settings. Quality of qualitative research is determined by measuring the transferability of the research findings. Qualitative research is increasingly used in nursing research, and there is a need to maintain its quality here. One way of this is to increase the transferability and apply the research in broad settings. This paper will discuss the importance of transferability in qualitative research and the way in which a researcher can apply this specifically in nursing research.Transferability in qualitative research is enhanced with the description of research context as well as assumptions that were fundamental to the research. This is due to the reason that qualitative research takes into account the small number of population and an effort is required to generalize the results of qualitative research (Leung, 2015). It is the same concept in qualitative research as external validity is in quantitative research. Moreover, it is crucial to the application of research findings from one setting to another. Most organizations rely on some small research and apply that in a larger context. Thus, it is necessary to state the range to which results may or may not relevant. The detailed descriptions of results make them perfect for transferability.If a same problem is being investigated by another researcher, then transferability allows having the same conclusions. Transferability can be applied in most types of research, but it does not involve wide-ranging claims (Leung, 2015). In transferability, the researcher cannot prove that results of the study are applicable in wide-ranging situations, but he can only provide proofs of the applicability of the study. For transferability, there is a need of having similarities and differences in different settings and for this purpose; researcher gathers enough detailed descriptions of different contexts.ReferencesLeung, L. (2015). Validity, reliability, and generalizability in qualitative research. Journal of family medicine and primary care, 4(3), 324.

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