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Published: 2021-07-06 23:58:48
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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn e BattutaTravelling is actually the best hobby if anyone has. People move around the world and gather knowledge, memories, and experiences. This world is so vast to explore. Everyone get different experience after travelling.Travelling affects people in different ways. It’s not like that everyone enjoy to move around. Some people prefer to stay at home and doing nothing and find it good enough. This kind of people mostly don’t have idea about how to judge people, how to interact with different kind of people. On the other hand people who travel, know very well how to communicate with other humans.Travelling affect person’s personality in so many ways. His way of talking, his perception about things, his style and even his dressing sense.“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” – Bill BrysonThe person who has visited so many places no doubt has greater knowledge than a person who just stay at home. People often say that reading books about different places is equivalent to travelling but actually its not true. For example Person who is just reading a book has a precise knowledge about a specific place but a person who visited that place has different opinion because he himself been there, he better knew what are only myths about this place.Internet actually limited this world to our laptops and mobile phones. Now a days people prefer to sit in a place and want to see whole world from that small window of internet. But it would never ever gives you the amusement the experience the joys and the memories which travelling offer.If you travel you will learn so many things from other cultures. Like being Pakistani, if you even travel from Punjab to Sindh you will experience a whole new world. You will come to know about their food, rituals and customs.Being a Muslim, if we read Quran. It is clearly mentioned in it, travel the world and seek knowledge. It means travelling would seriously has greater impact on our personalities. Because in this world Allah Almighty has created so many things. And we have no any idea about all of them.“Go all over the earth, and behold what happened in the end to those who gave the lie to the truth!” – 6:11 –We all know so many great people who travel around the world in those days when travelling is just a dream. Christopher Columbus not a new name for us. He travelled in that era when people barely know the word Facility. He travelled and showed the world that what miracles could happen just by travelling and discovering.The main affect of traveling is, person come to know about his abilities, his weaknesses and his strengths. When a person travel with others, he learns how to share, how to believe in others. How to manage and co-operate with others. Like if a person is short tempered and he barely accepts others point of view so when he travel with others he will experience this that everyone is not same. Every person in every region has different opinions. He will gradually change his habits.I know the fact that in this era travelling is spare for rich but no. if a person wants to travel he would definitely do efforts for this. And travelling is not just to travel abroad or visits foreign places. It is actually to visit every place nearby you. It is to get knowledge about your surroundings. To fill your heart with amusement and joys. To experience new things. For me travelling is also that to go outside of your house and check a new restaurant, to go park and meet new people.Main affect is person get tired of his daily routine. Daily office work or school work lead your mind dull and boring. Then in such a routine a picnic party, visiting new restaurant or a new place will refill your heart and soul. And don’t keep this in mind that your every journey is good. Because there are variety of people outside and your main purpose of travelling is to get experience whether it is good or bad. So just step out of your house and enjoy the nature and beauty which Allah almighty has made for us.  

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