Trump Gun Control Policy

Published: 2021-07-07 00:12:55
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At the moment, one of the biggest issues and the long standing one that Trump really needs to take up is the way gun control is supposed to be carried out. With the mass shootings at the schools increasing and other hosts of security threats that people are facing, it is very important to make sure that this long term issue is needed to be resolved (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017). The problem is that there is lack of clear legislation in this regard due to which the concrete solution for this issue has not been seen yet (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017). With clear cut and concrete policy making, it can be made sure that the gun control laws can be amended to ensure that necessary level of freedom is provided to the citizens but also ensuring all the safety aspects of the arms and ammunitions are needed to be considered.Opting for the Background ChecksThe good thing is that unlike some of the other policy issues, Gun control is one of the areas where Trump has a fair idea what is needed to be done (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017). One of the things that are top on the agenda of Trump is to make sure that the background checks are being carried out at the airports and other locations to make sure that the gun control incidence is controlled to an extent (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017). One of the things that Trump wants at the moment is to make sure that the support of the universal checks is needed to be carried out to ensure that the gun sales and other issues are being resolved in the appropriate manner (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017). The problem is that the new school safety plan that is propagated by him does not talk much about background check. So there is a greater need for consistency with regards to what he wants to get done (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017).Propagating Ban on the Bump StocksOne of the things that Trump must be attempting to do is to make sure that how the degree of control can be developed with regards to the bump stocks (Juan & Hemenway, 2017). These are the devices that are used to make legal and semi automatic weapons that function pretty much in the same manner like Machine Guns (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017). There was a formal submission carried out during the course of month of March to ensure that such accessories are banned. There is tweet by Trump that shoes that he is willing to make sure that the allowance of the bump stocks should not be there.Raising the Age LimitOne of the suggestions by Trump is that how the age limit is needed to be increased when it comes to purchasing the semi automatic weapons (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017). Trump has been fairly interested in the idea that how the minimum age should be raised from 18 years to 21 (Juan & Hemenway, 2017), The problem is that there are mixed signals in this regard from Trump as again it was not the part of his school safety plan where there is no mention of the way age restrictions are going to function (Juan & Hemenway, 2017).ConclusionGun control is one of the main issues that are needed to be addressed by Trump. With mass shootings and general level of discontent with regards to the arms and the ammunitions that public has at their disposal, there is sufficient amount of evidence to suggest the fact that there is a need for considerable effort to be carried out in this regard (Lindsay-Poland & Weiss, 2017).ReferencesJuan, S. C., & Hemenway, D. (2017). From depression to youth school gun carrying in America: Social connectedness may help break the link. Cogent social sciences, 3(1), 1314877.Lindsay-Poland, J., & Weiss, L. (2017). Re-Arming the Drug War in Mexico and Central America: With John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security and the Trump administration’s close ties with the US gun industry, the militarization of the drug war deepens. NACLA Report on the Americas, 49(2), 182-185.

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