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Published: 2021-07-06 23:19:08
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IntroductionFor low weight nutrition, Atkins an American physician and cardiologist provided a diet plan that was supposed to be less in carbohydrates and heavy in ensuring the health of an individual. During the initial stages, the said approach got widespread popularity. However, various experts and magazines analyzed it, which proved that his proposal was wrong and not suitable for the health in general. (Kossoff). The proof of the analysis came true when the doctor himself was arrested by the cardiac attack and died instantly, to which he detached from the cause of his nutritional plan. Similarly, his idea divided the nation, which was claiming that food, which relies on fat and protein, would disturb the balance of the body. Other than these lapses, it contains expensive food material that would be difficult for common people to manage for a long period. Accepting such types of heavy food is not possible as it increases cholesterol in the body and it is against the decade-long bits of advice of the doctors given to those patients having high chances of cardiac arrest.DiscussionOther than heart attacks, researchers found that increase in calories would have the high chances of risk for the health. Weather originated from fat, carbohydrates, or from vitamin; these excess calories are burden and pressure on individual mind and organs of the body. (Dansinger) Structure of the body system could not get accurate balance, and the diseases would not be restrained from attacking. In the same way, as propounded by this writer himself, that those who are following the diet plan will have to exercise their kidney hardly, to digest the proteins and to take energy. The harmful effects on the kidney would be very much as high consumption of food and over pressurized material given to it (Atkin). These might also involve severe pain and injuries consequently. The study also finds out that those who are continuous in following the diet are having high cholesterols and fats, which are harmful to the body. People got sick after extended use of the food projected by the writer for weight loss. According to the research reports, it is not possible to continue such types of practices for an extended period.After thorough comparison between those who are on dieting, and those who are not studies concluded that no weight loss had been seen between them (Astrup).The same weight of both parties qualifies that the approach of the writer towards the light and the active body does not serve the purpose. Mostly concerned people like that of a specialist in fetal health are having worries that those who are mothers-to-be and following the advice of writer’s plan of weight loss are putting their babies at high risk. The child has fewer chances of getting necessary nutrients while in the womb of the female. A child might also face issues like heart disease, insulin dependent, and strokes.Food that contains rich material of protein might attack our kidneys and liver. Most of the people are having mild and the problems of organs that are not detected so far. The high quality of proteins must contain a significant amount of the water to make the body in balance (Kossoff). The biggest problem is that most of the people, which are using techniques to lose their weight, are obese people. These ill-heath people frequently use unprotected habits to get safe from the issue of diabetes, which slowly and gradually caused damage to their kidney, and the high number of protein could be enough to speed up the loss. These are not only the dangers to these types of dieters, but it could also lead to the destruction of bony tissues, which would resultantly weaken the bones. To avoid such kind of lapses inside the body, it is impossible to continue with some additional practices that are meant to arrange body weight healthily. Moreover, to fight against the wealth of diseases from heart to cancer, it is imminent to include vegetables as vital part of daily food used by everyone.Despite all the issues with the programme, given by the writer to place the body under the healthy weight, sure are the benefits to diagnose some diseases and the things attached to the ill health body. For example, those adults that are overtaken by the condition of epilepsy could get benefit through therapeutic measurements, which also include ketogenic diets. In the same way, modified Atkins diet is also useful and is less strict in practice. People who do not follow the writer’s way of losing weight have particular arguments, but those who are following are of the view that continuous effort could only bring the result. You cannot miss your weight unless you go through lifelong exercises and regular diet, which will make you young and energetic. In his book, the writer explains that one will lay complete work for the prevention of diseases if he/she has followed my pieces of advice. Life would be straightforward, and it would be full of energy and health. (Atkins)Conclusion For fewer carbohydrates, the approach of the writer is unable to serve the purpose. Dieters will have to be very careful in choosing his phenomena of lessening the weight. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the low initial weight comes from already stored sugars and water. In doing so, the dieter might have the problem of digestive system, kidney, liver diseases and other related issues. His programme has made millions for him by selling out not only the book he wrote but also those supplements that are designed to manufacture his eating programme. For the loss of weight, this cannot be possible as it might give severe pains to the individual’s body. It is better not to practice his advice as it could lead to the unrepairable loss to the health.Works CitedAstrup, Arne, Thomas Meinert Larsen, and Angela Harper. “Atkins and other low-carbohydrate diets: hoax or an effective tool for weight loss?.” The Lancet 364.9437 (2004): 897-899.Atkin, Lisa-Marie, and Peter SW Davies. “Diet composition and body composition in preschool children.” The American journal of clinical nutrition 72.1 (2000): 15-21.Atkins, Robert DC. Dr. Atkins’ new diet revolution. Government Institutes, 2002.Dansinger, Michael L., et al. “Comparison of the Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and Zone diets for weight loss and heart disease risk reduction: a randomized trial.” Jama 293.1 (2005): 43-53.Kossoff, Eric H., and Jennifer L. Dorward. “The modified Atkins diet.” Epilepsia 49.s8 (2008): 37-41.Kossoff, Eric H., et al. “A randomized, crossover comparison of daily carbohydrate limits using the modified Atkins diet.” Epilepsy & Behavior 10.3 (2007): 432-436.

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