Victims and Crime Evaluation

Published: 2021-07-06 06:35:59
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IntroductionIn the system of criminal justice, there is a definite position required to be in balance for the court to run in the smooth manner. These positions are so important that their absence can lead to the guilty person getting away or making of false convictions. This paper will not only evaluate all those positions but also explain their functions and roles in addition to an effect of persecution on each role. In this paper, the relation between each role and goals of sentencing will be evaluated along with objectives of substitute endorsements and the all the suggestions from my side related to rights of victims.Roles of a ProsecutorThe primary responsibility of the prosecutor is to accuse or charge the criminal with his juristic crimes. It is considered as the primary goal of the prosecutor to convict the criminal and acquire justice. In the cases of justice being served, it is called a win and the call for conviction gets off. Prosecutors play the role of public officers and bear the responsibility of remaining respectful and peaceful all the time. It is considered as the primary duty of the prosecutor that if a criminal breaks a law, he must receive just punishment at his end. The right of finding out the truth and reality of crime and happenings to the victims is given to the prosecutor. The role of the prosecutor is essentially important because of the fact that if the criminals do not receive proper punishment then the community would have to face even more criminal acts. If the criminal does not get caught or receive justice or punishment for his juristic crimes, then the community would face more crimes and criminal acts within it. The work of prosecutor runs in accordance with the work of judge, defense attorney as well as the victim so that availability of justice can be assured. The other primary responsibility of the prosecutor is to make sure the availability of the witnesses for testaments.Roles of a Defense AttorneyThe responsibility of defense attorney is to ensure the providence legal aids to their clients. Majority of cases include the theme of conducting the trial first or by plea bargaining. It is the foremost interest of the defense attorney to seek out the interest of their clients. That is why the client’s interest is considered the main component of discussion by the defense attorney at any sentencing hearing. The main goal of D.A is to seek out or pursue their client’s interest by all possible means and sometimes it does not happen as well. The job of defense attorney also includes providing their clients a fair trial. Next important part is to ensure the safety and privacy of all the information handed over by the client to the defense attorney. This information cannot be shared with anyone, especially with the prosecution. The relation of a defense attorney and his client can be confusing at times but the main goal of D.A is to prove his client a victim of happened events. To prove his clients innocent, the defense attorney is required to provide proper sets of proves and evidence.Role of the CriminalIn the system of criminal justice, the role of criminal is pretty evident, significant and important. Criminal can be defined as the one is charged by the prosecutor and defended by the defense attorney. The criminal is the one who violates the law by committing crimes and must face consequences of it. Whenever a crime is committed, there is always a victim who has suffered that crime on the receiving end. However, whoever is accused of a particular crime also possess normal human rights and must be given the chance to explain themselves. This is where the role of defense attorney comes and fits in the situation. The criminal is the one who breaks the law and disturbs the whole law enforcement and establishment system. In most of the cases, the law is tried to modify on the end of criminals but it does not work out. Due to the advance in science and technology, now criminals have found multiple of options where they can commit crimes without even leaving their define territories. However, the consequences of any crime largely depend on the severity of it. In case of serious crimes (like murder), even if the criminal tries to plea for their way out, it is restricted if there is the availability of evidence. In addition to that, every criminal is sentenced by the judge for the particular crime being committed or sent for treatment if the accusation is drug abuse or alcohol-related. In many cases, some criminals try to bring themselves back to the normal track of life but fail to do so because of the absence of any proper self-motivation or outside help. There is a direct relationship or connection between a criminal and the victim because a victim is formed or becomes whenever a criminal commits any crime.Role of VictimIt must be noted that the least significant or interesting role in the system of criminal justice is of the victim. However, it must also be remembered that victim, on the same hand, is the primary cause and source of prosecution. Some of the times, there are complications regarding the victim role because the victim has to recall the whole process of the crime. It involves mental and physical disturbance and creates a lot of issues. Majority of people have the perception of the victim as a weak but dangerous person. The victim’s age does not have any range because whatever it is, the victim has to stand the trial in front of the judge. A victim should be given supreme importance in the criminal justice system as to provide them with appropriate attention and proper justice. Victim serves as the primary source of material or information required by the prosecutor for conviction of the criminal. A victim is the main evidence or source of evidence of the crime. The only dark part of the process of victimization is the pain of confrontation and sufferance of acceptance bore by the victims during the whole process. Because of the immense pressure, sometimes the victim, despite being on the right side, drop charges on the criminal or backs out from testament that leaves the prosecutor with no potent evidence to charge or convict the criminal.ReferenceSchmalleger, F., Hall, D. E., & Dolatowski, J. J. (2010). Criminal Law Today (4th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection.

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