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Published: 2021-07-06 23:59:05
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Whether an individual has an Oculus Rift, a HTC Vive or a PlayStation VR, he or she is likely to find a wide range of virtual reality games for children including adventure, puzzles, and sports. Children love playing virtual worlds. However, as a parent or guardian, it is important to know which virtual games are safe to watch. The parents should talk with their kids about responsible online behavior and rules which govern the content displayed in virtual world games and play alongside if possible (Verkuyl, et al. 2016, p.81).The recommended age for virtual games is as from 2 years. However, this age depend on the type game and content displayed in the game. This criteria is used to determine the recommended age for virtual games. Some site update parents about their children’s virtual game experience. Parents should use such updates as conversation starter to learn how their children are interacting (Lemay, Nelson, & Benbrahim, 2014).Post 2: Virtual Learning Environment and Critical ThinkingThe use of Virtual learning environments (VLE) is a significant benefit to a student. VLE allow a student to promote the overall learning experience or to engage in a learning environment when learning is not an option. Another benefit associated with VLE is the safety it provides. Although VLE can promote learning before activities or even post activities, it cannot not replace hands-on training and learning or real life.Critical thinking skills creates basis of gaining or synthesizing knowledge. Some individuals can build critical thinking skills from the ground or can naturally have a level of these skills. Critical thinking skills are important in making clinical decisions which result in improved patient outcomes. Elements of critical thinking include the ability to use past experiences and knowledge, defining issues, and ability to ask relevant questions. All these components points competence in nursing practice (Schub, 2016).ReferencesLemay, S. G., Nelson, D. R., & Benbrahim, J. (2014). U.S. Patent No. 8,628,413. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Morton, P. G., Fontaine, D., Hudak, C. M., & Gallo, B. M. (2017). Critical care nursing: a holistic approach (p. 1056). Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.Schub, E. B. (2016). Critical Thinking: Evaluation of Critical Thinking Skills. CINAHL Nursing Guide, Retrieved from 4136-8b71- e8bd050c0498%40sessionmgr4009Verkuyl, M., Atack, L., Mastrilli, P., & Romaniuk, D. (2016). Virtual gaming to develop students’ pediatric nursing skills: A usability test. Nurse education today, 46, 81-85.

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