Why I want to be a Radiologic Technologist Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 00:25:04
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A radiologic technologist is a medical practitioner who uses the knowledge in radiography to help in the diagnosis of diseases and injuries. The reason I want to be a radiologic technologist is that I have developed a strong passion for the medical industry. My love for the course is projected at helping a patient to find out the ailments that might cause them their lives. The radiologic technology is a practice that allows doctors to identify the hidden diseases that cannot be diagnosed through the other medical diagnostic methods.  Being a radiologic technologist is an easy job as long as there is intrinsic motivation. The work only requires the knowledge and excellent communication skills. A radiologist just needs to know how to operate the equipment and the procedures to be followed during the diagnostic process. A radiologic technologist has to be a person who can communicate with patients and direct them to the necessary procedures. For a social person like me, this career path is a good one for me given that I am passionate about helping people and interacting with them while at it. The other reason as to why I want to be a radiologic technologist is, the profession requires people who are adventurous and ready to experiment with the different types of diseases that affect the human body. I am intrigued by the illnesses that affect the human body. The radiologic technology also interacts and find out the different causes of diseases. The interest in finding the cure or preventive measures for these diseases is more drive to pursue the career path.The knowledge in x-ray and anatomy which is primarily applied in radiologic technology is the primary attraction to the medical field. These technologists get to understand the human anatomy and how disease get to affect the parts of the body. The practice in the radiologic technology will not only help me have a profession but will also facilitate my growth into the medical field as I get to learn more about the disorders and the right modes and methods of treatment. The radiologic technology will also expose me to the use of the radiology tools, how to handle them and obtain results. Being a radiologic technologist is the first step towards a successful and competent medical career. The reasons stated above are my primary motivation to study radiologic technology. There are also many other benefits such as payments and the fulfillment that comes with pursuing my passion.

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