What Makes a Manager Successful?

Published: 2021-07-07 00:14:12
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Can everyone be a manager? What does it take to get an effective manager? These are questions which have dominated the public arena and people are always on the lookout for the best suggestions to help them improve themselves as well as look for the right competencies to manage key processes in their organizations. Various traits are necessary for one to be an effective manager (Liu & Rhee, 2017). First, there is the need for leadership skills. That requires the manager to lead by example and offer the necessary guidance. Experience and knowledge are also vital in making key decisions related to the success of the organization. An effective manager should communicate since that is the surest way to eliminate conflict and foster growth.Moreover, the organization is such an important trait that improves on key processes. That calls for the manager to have the right time management skills to improve success. Reliability also makes the manager depended on in critical situations. That builds on trust and improve the work relationships. Managers should also learn on how to delegate tasks since uncertainties arise. In a nutshell, confidence, and respect for employees also ensure success when handling individuals in an organization (Hartley & Benington, 2010). Failure to meet any of the above traits makes it hard for the manager to relate well to the employees and that is the main cause of conflict as well as resistance to change. The outcome can greatly hurt the progress of the organization. Joe Biden is one of the personalities with a tremendous contribution to healthcare. Despite being the 47th Vice president of the United States, he strived to fight cancer, and the milestones are notable. Changing the culture of research is never a walk in the walk. However, with his efforts and good leadership, the progress is commendable.ReferencesHartley, J., & Benington, J. (2010). Leadership for healthcare. Policy Press.Liu, A., & Rhee, G. (2017). Promoting Female Leadership in Healthcare: An Interview with Dr. Lara Khoury, Co-Chair of the Female Physician Leadership Committee. University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine, 7(2), 9-11.

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