What Makes Google The Best Place To Work And Why?

Published: 2021-07-06 06:27:27
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Organizational EnvironmentEach company in the business world, works on a specific designed environment which is beneficial for the organization. This study identifies that what makes Google the best place to work and why is it the best workplace. Looking into Google, it is considered one of the best companies and has a positive influence on the business sector due to its overall growth (“Diversity | Google,” n.d.). The success of Google is from the effectiveness of its organizational structure and its culture supporting innovation. Google does not follow the conventional organizational structure. It focuses on developing social links and change in the business environment. According to studies, a strong link between organizational environment and structure leads to more chances of success. Google also emphasize on creating chances of innovation which is also the its business and organizational environment.Global MarketplaceGoogle, being the biggest company has minimum amount of competitors, because no other company wants Google to be in their competitors list. Globally, Google controls a lots of markets, by building a unique product or acquiring any product. Introducing new products and linking those with other companies, has been a long term strategy by Google, which has gained a lot of success (“Diversity | Google,” n.d.). Now, Gmail (e-mail service by Google Inc.) is considered a professional email service by most of the companies on a global level.Workforce DiversityGoogle has always worked on creating equal level of diversity in the organization. Having more than 70,000 employees in the Google Inc, the company has 69% male and 31% female employees (“Diversity | Google,” n.d.). These employees include White (56%), Asian (35%), Hispanic (4%), Black (2%), Native American (2%), and Pacific Islander (1%). This provides a detail information that Google is having diversity in their workforce which is the key to their global success.Ethics and MoralityOrganizational structure is mostly governed by ethics in the workplace, and the standards of ethics set up by the company. Keeping the broader view in mind, ethics govern the overall structure of the company and it is ultimately the culture of the organization that how it works (“Diversity | Google,” n.d.). Google, has set up ethical standards which are must for every employee and department to follow. Google’s Code of Conduct has vast number of ethical standards to follow, which include standards of respecting other employees, serving the best product to customer, avoiding personal conflicts, preserving confidentiality, protection of Google’s assets, ensuring financial intergrity and harmony, and obeying the laws of the company.InnovationInnovation is the core element of success in Google. In the past years, Google introduced a self driving car which could be operated with cameras and sensors without a driver. Technological advancements and collaboration with Toyota, made this product gain huge success. The autocomplete feature in the Google searchbox, is also a step towards innovation, where the results of a search can be gained just by typing one word and Google with complete the sentence for you with best possible suggestions (Goldman, 2014). The most recent innovation in Google is the new Google Pixel smartphone, which has a different shape and produc layout than any other mobile brands.Organizational policies and practicesGoogle has been known for their policies and practices where they do so much for their employees and creating value in the organization. The flatter structure of the company allows ease in information exchange between the employees and different departments. Some of the policies and practices at Google include:Employee orientation (perks and benefits for employees other than salary and compensations).Flexible working hours.User friendly culture.Balancing work with other activities (gym, spa, sports facility etc.)Innovation and creativity.Employee retention programs.Recruitment processThese policies are in line with the employees and the organization as a whole, and provide the detail about the policies definition and practical implications (“Google Code of Ethics – BUS100MAwan,” n.d.). Google is known for being employee oriented, and considering the fact there are few companies in the world which practice employee orientation as their practice. Google makes sure that there employees are not left out or felt underrated. Google believes that employee motivation is important for a positive employee orientation (“Google Code of Ethics – BUS100MAwan,” n.d.).Apart from this, innovation and creativity is also a key policy which is observed in the company. Within a short period of time, Google tries to develop new products, as the company believes that there is much more success in creating innovative and creative products for the customers. From building creative workplace for employees and overall organization, it results in effective workflow of the firm and increased employee motivation (“Google Code of Ethics – BUS100MAwan,” n.d.). The outcomes of the developing positive policies and practices, Google has created itself the best company for the world. By implementation of the Google’s practices, increased level of commitment from employees and huge turnover rate was observed in the company.Practices related to work attitudes in the U.S OrganizationsOne of the key work attitudes in US organizations are the reason to implement the practice of workforce diversity in the company. Google, has the most successful diversity program which is different from other organizations, which starts from the senior management of Google. In Google, the main indiviuals of diversity and its practices are CEOs and senior management, which also include the Human resource department of the company (Goldman, 2014). These practices in the companies make sure that the diverse nature of employees are stable with the company and are given the chances for growth. In the US organizations, some of the diversity practices involve hiring and promoting women in the organization. The reason of this diverse practice is that, fifty percent of the company’s (in US) workforce include women and to the diversity programs are catered to manage their needs (Goldman, 2014). This is considered an important resource which companies might need in the future, and from the era of the Baby Boomers. It is believed that women can be easily integrated into any organization, as they have grown in the same country and culture as compared to the male employees. It is believed that the employees having diverse ethical backgrounds or religious groups, depicit complex issues in the organization.At Google, the company recognize the power that arise from the people with diverse backgrounds and past experiences which come from a mutual goal. The company’s policy is to forbid any harassment, discrimination, or intimidation caused because of race, gender, age, color, religion, expression, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristic. At Google, the employees are told to bring any dispute to the senior management (“Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google,” n.d.). If any employee tries to offend the above told practices, strict disciplinary actions against the person is taken which might include employee termination. Google’s policies and practices, that make sure that employees, customers and employer get the best quality are the basic factors of the companies success (“Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google,” n.d.). The policy ensure that Google is providing the best recreational environment, which is motivational and hospitable for the organizational environment.As a result, a new plan which has a potential of human resource change is to be implemented. Google has a plan to reduce costs by $15 billion by the year end 2017. Google has more than 70,000 employees arounf the globe, and it is a challenge for the company to manage its staff and make appropriate appraisal plans. The plan to forsee is to improve internal training in the workplace and enhance the operations. Establishing appropriate security systems for the employee and maintaining the rights of employees should also be included in the redefinition of the plan. However, strengthening the communication with the management and ensuring the right of the staff should be included in the process.Work CitedDiversity | Google. (n.d.). Retrieved from //diversity.google/Goldman, D. (2014, August 20). 10 innovations that made Google great. Retrieved from http://money.cnn.com/2014/08/20/technology/innovationnation/google-search/index.htmlGoogle Code of Ethics – BUS100MAwan. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://sites.google.com/a/email.vccs.edu/bus100mawan/google-code-of-ethicsPrivacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google. (n.d.). Retrieved April 16, 2018, from https://policies.google.com/privacy

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