What were your thoughts and feelings as you were playing?

Published: 2021-07-07 00:03:32
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The life is full of challenges and because of these challenges many low-income individuals face a number of problems including inability to pay for damages and extra bills. Since I have managed to complete my month in a good way but still I am able to save very less which is extremely a big problem for my future expenses. This game was a practice and it would help the teenagers to become serious with their education so that they would not become the low-income workers. I enjoyed my month plan and tried my best to overcome all my problems except the car insurance and some personnel problems. I have enjoyed this challenges of one month short life.What were the easiest decisions for you to make? Why?The easiest decisions for me to make were to return the 10$ bill found on the floor and paying for the things which I broke due to my negligence’s. There were no problems at all in making these decisions and it was too good to make correct decisions.What were some of the more difficult decisions? Why?The most difficult decision was the skipping of school activity and giving a service for a couple of dollars. I can understand that this would be counted as negligence of mine for my children but for meeting my ends I am unable to miss a single chance to earn a couple of dollars.How did your month turn out?My month was amazing. Life of an average or a low income worker would never be perfect but still the one who can manage to make good money from all the possible sources would be a great achievement.If you could go back (and you actually can) what would you do differently?If I would be able to go back, I would like to try twice for the lottery ticket, will ignore the part-time service and will attend the school event and also will try to spend on my car because I saved a lot this month.Most importantly, how does this “game” differ from real life?The game is just an experience of being lucky in having good opportunities of earning like keeping a friend, finding a number of jobs and trying lottery. It is a try to make the life perfect and the situations are always good and close to perfection. It is not always possible that the real life would be the same as well. The disturbance and uncertainty is higher in real live than comparatively in the game.

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