What Young Boys Had to Learn

Published: 2021-07-06 23:08:08
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If one talks about the education system that was being implemented in the given time period, the key aspect was to make sure that how the educational process for the boy should be starting at theme. The idea was to make sure that the effort was up towards the development and the books were stacked high against the wall to make sure that they boys are taught value during the course of the time period even when they were –playing. The boys from the affluent families were being sent to the temple and village as well as instances when the boys were being taught at home. The process of learning was based on the memorization of the books and there was high regards towards discipline to make sure that that the learning attitude should be reflected in the whole time period. The other thing that was given lot of importance was about making sure that the boys were able to behave themselves in the proper manner and thus conduct was also being taught. There are many instances that the young boys had to learn variety of disciplines during the course of their academic career.Effects of Exam on Young People in ChinaLooking at the evolution of the examination system, it more or less mirrored the societal changes that were witnessed in the given time period and the idea was to make sure that the demand of the society is being met in the appropriate manner. In the earlier time period, the idea was to make sure that the power that is being hold by the aristocracy is being suppressed in some manner. And later on the same educational system was being used to determine the imperial autocracy. The ideology of the Chin Shih enjoyed prominent place in the given time period and the whole idea was to make sure that the chief councilor was in the place to make the key decisions with regards the thing that are important for the outlook of the society. The effect of exams was witnessed regarding the way people used to carry out and execute the orders. As a matter of fact, it turned into something that served the society responded towards some of its demands. The goals and the value system of the people was based on the premises that how aligned with the government regime at that point of time as it is evident from the reading.Works CitedMiyazaki, Ichisada. China’s examination hell: The civil service examinations of imperial China. Yale University Press, 1976.

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