Why football should not be banned from high school/colleges?

Published: 2021-07-07 00:02:44
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FootballIt is known that sports are essential for the healthy body and helps in maintaining a healthy and good physique of the human body. Sports including football and soccer is the only most popular activity which makes the American school kids to be engaged in the physical activities. Sports helps in the socialization as well as let the individual learn the basic rules of the physical engagements. It also helps the kids and teenagers to build their mental and physical structures profoundly and completely. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the reasons that the sports should not be banned in the schools as well as collages.Due to the release of the movie, “Concussion” in which the famous American film star, Will Smith plays the role of neuropathologist who records his struggle against the disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). It is described that this disorder is highly seen in the NFL players and they have a head trauma which lead to the negative changes of the cognitive, behavioral as well as emotional changes and because of the influence of that movie the banning of football, hockey and soccer is started to ban in many of the American schools. The main reasons which are provided for the ban of the sports is that the adolescents and under 16-18 years children have not developed their brains completely and they would might face the CTE anytime by concussion or any small injury.According to the legislation which is thinking strictly about the banning issue, it is required to consider that the football is since known as the risker game but still there is no else sports which would be less risker than football. If football would be eliminated from the lives of the children than they will move towards the games like skating, skateboarding and some other more dangerous games. Statistically football is the least dangerous game and there are very less chances to get involved in a concussion or a head injury which means that it should be allowed and should not be banned from the educational institutes.One of the most important reason, not to eliminate the football is that it is still not clear that if the elimination of the risks like sports including football could help the children or would it put in a severe damage. Team building, risk-taking and self-management skills are rich in playing the football game and it can be considered that the children who have played football in their initial ages have a good and magical future with respect to those who didn’t played games like football. Risk talking is also one of the good quality of an individual and football could be used as a core sport for an individual to take heavy risks.In a nutshell it can be concluded that due to the risk of concussion, the football could not be banned. Scientifically the sub-concussion is always found recovered in more than 60% children which lead them to a healthy lifestyle. The cases becomes severe only when they are not recognized well in time. Since the American schools are highly observed by the officials therefore even a small injury of a child is considered with special treatment. There is no doubt that the concussion is a damaging disorder and leads to the CTE which imperfects a normal human being from living a perfect life but still football could not be blamed of this. There are hundreds of other causes including the personnel fights, accidents and injuries outside the ground which also lead to concussion. It is highly requested not to ban the football from the schools and collages as this game is the only cheapest way of entertainment for the children.

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