Workflow Assessment for Health IT Toolkit

Published: 2021-07-07 00:24:01
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The main aim of using a workflow assessment for health IT toolkit is to improve the experience of working in a given healthcare organization by increasing the rate of information sharing between the different stakeholders. Improved productivity can also be enabled through the use of an extended interface with the integration of external applications. Incorporation of different concepts in the user interface makes it possible to serve varied user needs on the same platform (Nove, 2017).The presence of different provisions in the different tabs makes it easy to access the required information without the need for a comprehensive understanding of the interface. The most striking provisions include the home tab, the research tab and the ‘browse by subject tab’ tab makes user experience epic. It is possible to view recent research on the research tab. The home tab gives the option of viewing general information and an interface through which the user can orient them to more specific information on the topic of interest. The inclusion of such an interface in my current organization would make it easier to access information for new users. The incorporation of all the important tabs on the same page would improve the user experience (Guimarães, 2014).The article identified addresses the use of evidence-based care to patients in the hospital care setting. Even though there is increased concerns on the use of evidence-based on patients, the lack of a supportive structure that makes sure the bridging of research recommendations and hospital settings makes it hard to ensure that the care given is of the required standard (Florczak, 2016).ReferencesFlorczak, K. L. (2016). Evidence-based practice: What’s new is old. Nursing science quarterly, 29(2), 108-112.Guimarães, R. (2014). Technological incorporation in the Unified Health System (SUS): the problem and ensuing challenges. Ciencia & Saude collective, 19(12), 4899-4908.Nove, A. G. (2017). Assessing the health workforce implications of health policy and programming: how a review of grey literature informed the development of a new impact assessment tool. Human resources for health, 15(1), 79.

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