World Expo 2020 in Dubai UAE Case Study

Published: 2021-07-06 06:24:33
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Q1. What forces shaped the culture of UAE and Dubai in particular? How similar or different are these forces from those that shaped the culture of the western nations?The UAE is made up of 7 nations all with different cultures. Most of its population is made up of people who have migrated from the neighboring countries like India and Pakistan. These people came with different cultures, systems and religions that all have contributed to the development of the UAE. This diverse cultural setup in the region has contributed a great deal in shaping the culture of UAE specifically Dubai that is made of 80% immigrants. Another force that has shaped the culture of the UAE is the kind of government. The UAE government consists of hereditary Emirs who form the main legislative council. On the other hand, the western nations were made mostly indigenous people and believed in a democratic form of government that entailed voting their leaders.Q2. What kind of misunderstandings if any are likely to arise between western based visitors and people from the UAE during the world expo 2020?There should not be any misunderstanding since this expo is aimed at finding a common ground for all the people regardless of their race or color or even culture. A misunderstanding could only arise if the attending visitors come with malicious intentions that could lead to misunderstanding and rifts during the expo. But if all of the attendees entre the expo with only one intention of building a better future, then no misunderstanding should ariseQ3. If you were at a position to advise a western company that was considering doing business in Saudi Arabia for the first time, what could your advice be?My advice to the western company will be to be slow and patient since the Saudi’s rushed and thus will only have business after earning the trust of the people. The region also lacks manpower as most of the people in the region have a problem doing manual labor as they have earned a lot from the oil revenues. They are also resentful to the American culture because America invaded Iraq of a country they shared beliefs with. Therefore in trying to exploit the Saudi market, the western company should be aware of all the cultures and beliefs of the Saudi people so as to do business successfully.Best buy and eBay in China. CaseQ1. Reflect on the changes in China. Can the country continue to be a manufacturing floor for the rest of the world as more Chinese move up in their income categories? What are the implications of the country’s incredible growth?The modern Chinese economy was build based on its competitive advantage in the manufacturing sector. But the recent increase of wages since 2010 has given the country another shape. Most people have moved to a relatively higher income thus the country ready labor to work in the manufacturing industries. The manufacturing sector continues to fade thus an indication of what will become of the country in the near future. It has been the manufacturing giant in the past century but it’s evident that that glory is declining as most of its population moves up the income groups. Regardless of the manufacturing sector declining, china’s economy still shows an acceleration in development. This shows that it is shifting to a consumer oriented economy like other developed markets like the U.S and UK. With its large population, the country has a ready market that will enable it maintain its pride in the international arena.Q2. What can other companies that are considering investing in china learn from the experiences of Best Buy and eBay?New investors who are looking forward to investing in china should look at the Best Buy and the eBay and their operations in china. The Chinese people don’t prefer going into mega stores to buy stuff. Therefore any idea of setting up a mega store like Best Buy cannot work in the Chinese market. Additionally, with the high levels of piracy, the investors should be aware of a decrease in demand of their legitimate products as counterfeits will be available in the market at cheap prices. Finally, chines people like connecting directly online. That is the core reason why eBay is failing in the Chinese economy since it cannot offer immediate response and direct communication in the market. To make sure you are in a health competition, the investor must ensure that it is at bar with the local competitors so as to compete favorably in the market. EBay was way far behind as compared to the local competitors who offered the same services it offered.

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