Would the United States benefit from changing to a more European style education system?

Published: 2021-07-06 06:43:24
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National Center on Education and Economy, in its report, stresses on the need to follow the education system of other countries. According to Program for International Student Assessment, based on the knowledge of fifteen years old students within seventy countries, USA was ranked in the middle among the group of developed countries. The USA had 25th rank in mathematics, 17th in Science and 14th in reading. The top positions were all secured by the European students.The top performance of European students indicates that the American education system is no more at par with its competitors – a fact which emphasizes the need of changes. America should look to these European countries and seek guidance on structuring the education system. Once basic framework has been conceived, it can be altered according to the American needs. It will be similar to the American strategy of industrial growth.Without any prejudice, it is advisable that America should now work on the evolution of its education system and for that purpose, looking towards European educational system is not a bad idea. The main thing is that, it is only through education that a nation can be competitive against other nations in the world and America is no exception to this general rule.In most of the European countries, education is subsidized which relieves students from other pressing needs and they can focus better on academics. Also, there are multiple layers of aggressive tests which can only be aced by mastering the knowledge in relative field. These tests cannot be prepared for in advance. Such an educational model automatically enhances the students’ capabilities.Moreover, if the overall education system is more research based, as in most European countries, it makes students have a more questioning mind and a more receptive brain. It in-turn helps them develop their cognitive skills and they can become top notch scientists, researchers, doctors and engineers.In the nutshell, the American education system needs reforms as its competitors are at a superior level. It is only by this reform that America can regain its competitive position and European models are a decent choice.

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