X-ray Fluorescence Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 23:59:53
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XRF (X-ray fluorescence) is non-destructive and non-damaging analytical method used to determine the elemental configuration of materials. XRF is scientific technique used for measurement of compounds. For qualitative and quantitative analysis of material compositions X-ray fluorescence is renowned technique to determine chemical compositions.it is not only suitable for liquid and solid material but also for materials in powder form. When solid or liquid sample is X-rayed with high energy through X-ray tube, many atoms have different orbitals like K-shell, M-shell, or L-shell, and they release their paths for additional procedure .K Shell is the lowest electron shell, it is inner most shell closest to nucleus. In lab we measure the binding energy between electrical current by using technique of X-ray fluorescence. Atom is based on electrons, protons, neutrons, and these different parts are having different charge on them and these charges are emitted according to threshold level of energy that strikes to them. When electrons released from a hot filament are speeded by high power, gaining kinetic energy and striking the terminals or anode, this model demonstrates that how x-ray tube produce x-rays. X-ray fluorescence is well suited to examine different chemicals in rock and residue like (Si, Al, Ca, K, P, etc.). X-ray fluorescence is relatively low investment or cheap, simple and quick process of analyses. XRF provides accurate analysis of different range of elements. XRF is quick in giving outcomes.Whereas X-ray fluorescence has some limitations, XRF analyses cannot distinguish between isotopes of different elements so, for better results first we have to arrange some other instruments, requires specialized exercise and concern and have to use some radiation exposure precaution while conducting experiments.ReferenceCais, uga.edu. N.P., 2018.Web23 Mar.2018Indico.ictp.it. N.p., 2018. Web. 23 Mar. 2018.

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