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Published: 2021-07-07 00:00:20
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Texting and homework“Cell phones, mobile emails and all the other col and slick gadgets can cause massive loses in our creative output and overall productivity. – Robin S. Sharma. Although the development of technology has many positive impacts on the society, the disadvantages of it tend to overcome the advantages, especially to the youth. The use of internet has made it available for students to find solutions to their assignments very easily. This has a negative impact since you will find that in most cases, students tend to copy paste of simply paraphrasing solution to their assignments. This makes them come out of high schools and colleges without gaining any skills from their course.The use of internet has also affected the ability of students to express their ideas confidently before others. This is because in most institutions assignments and projects are done and submitted online to their teachers or lecturers (Olsen & Pace, 2017). With this mist of the student fail to learn how to stand before others and explain their ideas in details clearly and confidently.The use of auto-correction which is found in machines and cell phones has also affected students. Most of the students use their electronic devices in doing their class work and texting, so every time they misspell a word the machines correct it automatically. Typing is not very much involving like writing and that’s why you will find most of the students finding it hard to spell simple words or event write down words correctly if a written document is required.Institutions should, therefore, be encouraged to incorporate more writing activities and also encourage students to be creative and use their skill in doing various school tasks.Social media stressesSocial media makes most of the youth to become curious to know why their friends posted something. They tend to be disturbed until they get to know the reason behind every post. The success of others is also displayed on social media as well making others feel like they have nothing to celebrate in their lives. This reduces their self-esteem and also makes them to feel jealousy about them.“The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware they are not free”-Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The use of internet also leads to stress because it has made the youth lose track of time. Most youths use their time on face book, Instagram as well as television programs, instead of focusing on their studies or other duties which are more important. This is why most of them are bound to deadlines and will have to do jobs or assignments within the last few hours which is sometimes hectic.Lack of privacy has also contributed to stress among the youth. The leakage of private videos and images tend to go viral making the involved individuals feel ashamed of themselves. You will also find most of the youth especially ladies, feeling stressed up simply because their posted photos failed to receive many likes as they expected. It makes the feel less attractive, and most of them will try their level best to make they look more beautiful through bleaching, going shopping to get better attire among other things. This is stressful because in most cases you will find them struggling so much to get a lot of money which may be hard to find at their age (Armstrong, 2017).To avoid social stresses, it will be of great advantage to introduce television programs which will explain to the youth the importance of self-appreciation among other important virtues.ADHD and video gamesMost of the youth spend most of their times following television programs as well as various events on social media. This has a great effect when it comes to their attention. Every time they see something or even person they start relating it to what they have been watching on social media. They fail to concentrate on what is taking place since their mind is already far away from where they are and the events surrounding them.Video games also have a negative impact on the youth since it causes social isolation among them. They seem to enjoy playing games rather than going out and interacting physically with their friends.Playing of these games also instils wrong values among the youth. In most of this games, women are portrayed as being sexually provocative and weak. This belief sticks in their mind and they keep despising the power of women in the real world (Culbert, 2017). “You affect the world by what you browse.”- Tim Berners-Lee. The use of bad language and behavior is also picked from online games by most of the youths.Too much-playing video games also affects the health of most of the youths. This is because they spend much time indoors rather than involving themselves in activities which are going to make them physically fit.A resolution which may be applied to this problem is the introduction of recreational activities which are more involving and interesting than the online game, which will have a positive effect on the youths.ReferencesCulbert, T. (2017). Perspectives on Technology-Assisted Relaxation Approaches to Support Mind-Body Skills Practice in Children and Teens: Clinical Experience and Commentary. Children, 4(4), 20.Olsen, J., & Pace, K. (2015). This is your brain online: The impact of technology on mental health.Armstrong, T. (2017). The Myth of the Adhd Child: 101 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Behavior and Attention Span Without Drugs, Labels, Or Coercion. Penguin.

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