Zinc Deficiency in Children

Published: 2021-07-07 00:24:40
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Zinc is an essential play a major role in cell division hence essential for proper growth and development in childhood years. It is an important mineral that your child needs for immune defense, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, in proper body system functioning and activation and a co-factor in hundred enzymes .zinc deficiency is when zinc levels in the body fails to meet the daily body requirements.this is caused by low dietary intakes, vegetarian diets, poor absorption into the body, sickle cell, Crohn’s, and celiac diseases, increased usage or excessive loss zinc from the body. Low levels are diagnosed analyzing the daily food intakes and checking on health records.the doctor can also incorporate by carrying biochemical tests such as blood cells count, urine and blood tests check zinc levels.The dietary intakes recommend 3mg per day for your child within the age of 1-3 years.Deficiency is zinc in young children is manifested in stunted growth, loss of appetite and dimmish moods. Zinc is used in the maintenance of the epithelial tissues hence it deficiency affects the epithelial tissues, causes xerosis, skin lesion, seborrheic dermatitis and other general skin problems. In class, the child has poor concentration, experience learning problems and deterred thinking ability. There is delayed sexual maturation for the teenagers in adolescence or even impotence in older ages. Growth patterns in the child become abnormal in both weight and height. Zinc deficiency is responsible for stunted growth for almost one-third of children in total world populations. Other eminent symtomps include, thin sparse and brownish hair, impaired wound healing, weight loss, oral ulcers, loss in sense of smell taste and vision and, loss of appetite and may also develop eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa.Zinc is critical and essential for proper child growth.Measures to solve zinc deficiency include increasing your child’s dietary zinc intakes, zinc fortification, zinc supplements. High zinc food includes oysters, fortified breakfast cereals, beans, milk, yogurt and whole grains.ReferenceKrebs, N. F., Miller, L. V., & Michael Hambidge, K. (2014). Zinc deficiency in infants and children: a review of its complex and synergistic interactions. Paediatrics and international child health, 34(4), 279-288.Mills, C. F. (Ed.). (2013). Zinc in human biology. Springer Science & Business MediaPrasad, A. S. (2013). Discovery of Human Zinc Deficiency: Its Impact on Human Health and Disease–. Advances in nutrition, 4(2), 176-190.

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